Written in Stone: Now You Can Write on The Great Wall Of China!

If you haven’t done it (or at least thought about it), we’re calling you on that. We’re referring to vandalism, of course (what did you think?). Writing or carving one’s name on a stone is a practice that is as old as time (don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the NSFW graffiti in the uncovered ancient city of Pompeii, Italy here).


great wall graffitiPhoto: Smithsonian


Apparently the world’s most famous attractions aren’t safe from modern hands either, seeing how there are now plans to create a special graffiti zone at the Great Wall of China. Possibly fed up of having to conduct anti-graffiti patrols (seriously, is that a thing?), officials have selected a segment of the wall in Mutianyu (70km north-east of Beijing) in the No 14 Fighting Tower building as a graffiti zone. According to news reports, foreign visitors are the responsible for the proliferation of etchings on the wall, with the No 5 Fighting Tower as a popular stretch for comments in English. Future graffiti walls are also being planned for Fighting Towers No 5 and No 10.

Hmmm…something tells us this ‘legal’ version of graffiti might not be as fun as scribbling where it’s not allowed. But on a somewhat related note, see how you can own a piece of the Sydney Opera House, Australia here (hint, you could move in right next to Hugh Jackman)!

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