Travel Trivia: 8 Interesting Facts About The Maldives

You know Maldives as the dream honeymoon destination with turquoise waters and expensive villas. Be a nomad in the know (a knowmad, if you will) with more fun facts about the Maldives that will inspire you.

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#1 It’s Made up of 99% Water

Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean

There are 1,190 coral islands, 202 inhabited with locals and 87 are exclusive resort islands. The whole of Maldives stretches over 90,000 sq km. And that right there is the gorgeous view that greets from you from your local plane right over from Male Airport.

#2 It’s Disappearing Day by Day

But the tourism industry is on it!

Maldives is the lowest country in the world. With its ground level averaged at 1.5 meters, scientists estimate the islands will sink by the end of the century unless current efforts by the government proves to be effective. The solution largely depends on creating more eco-friendly resorts, like Taj Exotica and Soneva Fushi.

#3 It Was Established by an Exiled Prince

Inscribed plates were found in the 14th century, but no one knows their current whereabouts

According to legend, Maldives was first the home to a community that worshipped the sun and water. The first actual kingdom is said to be established by an Indian prince named Sro Soorudasaruna Adeettiya, who was sent away by the king  to an island then known as Dheeva Maari. Guess he had the last laugh.

#4 Hearsay: A Coconut Once Tried to Rig an Election

And the coconut lived a quiet and peaceful ever after

Many Maldivians believe in black and white magic. So in 2013, when a coconut was found acting suspicious outside a polling station during the presidential election, it was detained by the police. A white magician was called in to examine the coconut in custody, and eventually the coconut was free to walk. Or maybe it just rolled out of there.

#5 The Literacy Rate Is Amazing at 98%

100% of children are enrolled in primary school

35% of the locals are under 18 years of age, so education is a major key to the future success of Maldives. With the help of UNICEF, a unified education program established since 1978 teaches not just the children, but parents and caregivers.

#6 The Underwater Cabinet Meeting of  ’09

Who wouldn’t RSVP for this meeting?

A number of islands have already evacuated its people due to the critical climate change and rising ocean level. To bring attention to the matter, President Mohamed Nasheed held a cabinet meting at the bottom of the ocean, where he also presented his ideas on marine life sustainability. Works better than any PowerPoint special effect, for sure.

#7 Sundays Are Really Mondays

So Monday blues really don’t exist here

Just like other Muslim countries, Maldives too has its weekend on Friday and Saturday! Although everyday feels like the weekend when you’re on vacation.

#8 One of the Best Places for Whale Shark-Watching

The whale shark: the largest fish in the world that can grow up to 10 meters

There’s also whale and dolphin-watching all year round in the Maldives. You’ll probably spot seven to 11 types of cetaceans, and up to 2,500 of them in one trip! That sounds much more exciting than sitting on a boat all day waiting for a couple of sting rays.

Why wait any longer? 

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  1. I love Maldives so much, we go there every year with our friends ! we charter our own private wooden vessel . According to me cruising is the most interesting and beautiful way to discover this fantastic country. We always book through a local travel agency ( ), they provide us with private vessel with crew, food, drinks , excursions and we cruise around Maldives , visiting deserted islands, local islands, snorkeling in tourists free area, massage on sandbank …. I miss maldives so much !!!!!! I loved your pictures so much , it brings back so many memories, looking forward going back there in March again 🙂

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