Top 5 Holidays Every Girl Should Take in her Lifetime


When was the last time you had a no-holds barred, inspiring, spiritually enlightening, plain ol’ feel good holiday reconnecting with the people that matter in your life? Never? Or not in recent history? Well, it’s time to change that.

In the day and age of 24/7 connectivity and rat race, it may be hard to get away from the overwhelming juggle of career, family life and worrying about paying the bills that you forget to spend quality time with the ones who matter, and especially, reconnecting with that one person that DOES matter – YOU.

So here’s our list of holidays that we think every girl should take in her lifetime. If you haven’t ticked them off your bucket list yet, it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.



1. Journey to Self-Discovery

It really doesn’t matter if you’re single or attached, or have 5 kids in tow. We think that every girl should allow herself a few days (or a week!) of some “Me Time.” Learning to prioritise one’s self is important, so plan that much-needed break otherwise it will never happen. Work will always be there, and the kids will probably appreciate one week less of mom-nagging at home. You’ll be amazed at how much a little bit of rest and relaxation can do, and you’ll find yourself return ready to fully re-engage with the hard task of raising children or taking over the world.  Whether it’s taking a yoga retreat in Bali, exploring Italy for some destination dining (and guilt-free shopping!), getting inspired in the Serengeti or climbing Everest, you really don’t need to feel ashamed about wanting and needing to spend time by yourself. At the very worst, you’ll miss your life back home. At the very best, you might come back with so much inspiration that you’ll change things to make your life better. Win-win all round!



 2. Regroup with your Girlfriends

Has anyone close to you called you a stranger for not making it to Friday night dinners or a simple nightcap with your girlfriends? Well, make up for it and plan that holiday with the girls where it’s all about pampering, flirting, partying, and deepening of friendships. Some of you may have lost touch with each other due to work demands, getting married, having a baby, or moving to a different city. But no matter the distance, plan to meet at least once a year and keep those ties. Reminisce about your best memories together and then go ahead and make better ones! This holiday is all about celebrating friendship and your femininity.



3. Family Bonding

Some will find this a drag, but it’s essential to spend quality time with your folks. Don’t miss out family holidays (Christmas, New Year or birthdays are usually the best times) where everyone gets a chance to come together and celebrate the definition of family – however dysfunctional it may be (we’re looking at you August: Osage County). However, we think it’s best to follow a couple of these rules to make sure it’s drama free. No lectures and threats. Be patient. Remember your manners. Don’t ask for money. Bring your mom’s favourite dessert. Don’t pick on your younger brothers and sisters. Smile, nod and listen to your dad’s stories (no matter how many times you’ve heard it).  You have been warned.


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 4. Lovey Dovey…or maybe not

Take a holiday with your potential life partner. You may not think it, but travelling with someone can make or break a couple. Think of it as a microcosm of a relationship and watch out for signs of control or consideration. If you’re able to share toiletries, get from point A to B without a map meltdown and ooh and ahh over similar travel itineraries, then you’ve probably got this in the bag. If you’ve already been together a while, going on vacation may ease some day-to-day relationship stress and allow for reconnecting time together. Whatever the case, keep an open mind and don’t forget to compromise if he wants to go see the whale sharks, and you’d rather head to the spa. 


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5. Staycation or Near-cation, anyone?
Too busy to take a trip across continents? Pack for a quick weekender for a chance to refresh yourself. Treat yourself to a spa weekend of scrubs, massage, facial, hair treatments, mani-pedi – the works! Or, you can also book an overnight stay in that posh, new boutique hotel a few blocks away from your home. Order room service and veg out in front of the TV. If you have a bit more time, drive to a fancy B&B up in the hills, and savour the fresh air, gourmet meals and quiet time. You’ll be well-rested and ready for the city hustle and bustle come Monday.
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  1. I always take the holidays with my family and it’s really worth it. My husband and I get to bond and play with the kids. We usually have light moments and enjoy the sceneries when on vacation. This helps us all regain our energy which was somehow lost in the busy city life.

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