TLN Loves: Top 5 Movies To Watch This Halloween

What’s better than huddling around a screen in a darkened room with your best friends and a hoard of sweets and cookies watching a movie that will keep you up all night? Well, a private cinema would be great, and instead of a hoard of candy, how about an open bar!

Just for fun, we’ve rounded up our favourite scary movies to Netflix-and-Chill to this Halloween. Let us know which ones still give you shivers in the comments below.

#1 The Conjuring

This one is interesting as it follows Ed and Lorraine Warren, infamous husband and wife paranormal investigators rather than the typical haunted family. It’s based on a true story of the Perron family who lived in a farmhouse with tormented spirits for 9-years!

#2 Coraline

Coraline is Neil Gaiman at his creepy, unsettling best. This animated masterpiece is absolutely beautiful to watch and let’s just say, it’s not just for children! Although, it might just scare your kiddos into a little good behaviour.

#3 The Purge

No laws for 24-hours. Imagine humanity receiving a “hall-pass” to don face masks and Halloween-esque getups to terrorise and murder people. The scariest part is the news today kind of makes you wonder if this could actually happen…

#4 The Sixth Sense

A classic that is more unsettling in a psychological way than keep-you-up-until-dawn and the plot twist had more than its fair share of heads turning 360. If you haven’t seen it, we’re not giving anything away.

#5 Hocus Pocus

Fire burn and cauldron bubble, what’s a Halloween movie list without a trio of witches? And what are witches doing if not searching for immortality and eternal youth. Many of us grew up on this fantasy romp and guess what, there’s a sequel coming!

Stay up all night here!

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