This Week in Travel: Free Houses & Too Many Hens to Handle

#1 Would you say yes to a ‘free’ home in Italy?

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If you’ve ever dreamt of living or owning your own or Airbnb or café in a quaint town in Italy, now’s your chance. Cammarata in Sicily is giving away properties for free – if you’re willing to fix it up! As many residents move to cities or bigger towns, many of the historic buildings are left empty and decaying. The mayor, Vincenzo Giambrone, had enough of seeing the beautiful buildings fall to ruin and convinced owners to hand the dilapidated buildings over to the local government. There are about a hundred buildings up for grabs. All you have to do to grab one of these buildings is to put down a minimal deposit of EUR 5,000 and have a clear plan for refurbishment within three years. The deposit is refunded to you once the works are completed.

#2 What are your pilots doing in the cockpit?

Image from Weibo

A pilot for Chinese airline, Air Guilin, was recently suspended for violating China’s Civil Aviation rules. The administration forbids passengers and other authorised people from entering the cockpit. Photos of an unidentified woman in the captain’s seat in his cockpit made its way around the internet and the company is doing its part in clamping down on such irresponsible behaviour. It’s not entirely clear whether the flight was airborne at the time, but a Chinese aviation blogger who first spotted the photo said it was taken mid-flight.

#3 What would you do with a thousand hens?

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A man in Auckland won an auction online thinking he would be getting only one chicken. Instead he found out he had paid NZD 1.50 for a thousand hens! The ad had read that a small free-range egg farm based in Massey, West Auckland, was closing down and needed to be vacated by Monday, and that it was selling ‘one 1,000’ hens. Thinking he would be getting just one, or even a handful, he is now desperate to re-home a thousand hens.

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