This Week in Travel: Ancient Cities & New Islands

#1 How about a roller skating lighthouse?

Trust the Danes to come up with a unique solve to a problem. Coastal erosion was threatening a 120-year-old lighthouse in Denmark so authorities decided to move it some 80 meters away on special “roller skates” to save it from tumbling down onto the beach. The coast in front of the lighthouse erodes by approximately two meters every year. We guess the rock-n-rollin’ lighthouse might need to move again… eventually.

#2 Gator pool party

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You know how the internet is a rabbit hole and some days you find yourself watching a video of an alligator minding its own business in a pool in Florida? They’re not pets. Celebrity animal trapper, Paul Bedard would have you thinking otherwise with his latest corral when he jumped into the pool to play with a 9-foot, 185-pound gator until it got tired! Only then was he able to snare its mouth, capture it and give it a name: “Cool Hand Luke.” Hey now Crocodile Dundee, do not try this at home, Bedard knows how to elbow a misbehaving gator in the throat.

#3 Dig out your Tomb Raider boots, they just found a new “lost city”

Photo by James Wheeler on Unsplash

Did you know Angkor is only a small fraction of the ancient Khmer Empire? There are many, many, many more temples and cities completely inaccessible and hidden under dense jungle and possible landmines. After being shrouded in mystery for decades, aerial laser scans and researchers recently confirmed the identity of an ancient city some 48-kilometres north of Siem Reap as Mahendraparvata, one of the empire’s first capitals. The discoveries show that the city used urban planning and had a “sophisticated hydraulic system,” among other innovations.

#4 Atlantis, we’re getting warmer

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Talking about finding what was once lost, the Russian navy just found five new islands in the Arctic Ocean due to glacial melting. A similar discovery was made in Canada earlier this year, when the Canadian Arctic melted to reveal land that has been submerged under glaciers for at least the last 40,000 years. Eventually we’re either going to find an advanced ancient civilisation or ancient virus strains that will wipe out the blight on Earth once and for all.

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#5 Just your every day airport security hijinks

A passenger tried to smuggle his lighter in his mouth through airport security this past week. It was his first flight and he thought that his two-hour journey would be too long to go without a cigarette and allegedly planned to smoke on board. He was fined US$ 140 for his attempt.

You know how you try to pack your kitten into your luggage when you’re 5-years-old and the grown ups laugh at how adorable you are? Well, airport security scans found a cat in a couple’s carry on! It turned out the stowaway was their cat Candy, who slinked into their bags without them knowing. Talk about a cat burglar! Meow, cats want to see the world too.

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