No Ordinary Holiday: Achieving wellness for the under 12s

Wellness travel is in vogue. We’re constantly hunting for the best of the best of the best ways and places to check-out feeling healthier and better than when we checked in!

While options that promote health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, for you and I have been popping up like mushrooms what about our little Luxe Nomads? We’ve rounded up a few wellness holiday activity ideas for your under-12 Nomads!

#1 Start the Day With Yoga and Meditation

This is no ordinary Downward Dog! || Image from Facebook

We’re no longer oblivious to the external influences and pressures our children feel so it should come as no surprise that the same techniques that yoga teaches us work just as great (or even better) on children. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that promotes self-health and inner fulfilment in a non-competitive manner. How about a generation that deals with stress way better than we do!

#2 Have a Spa Day

Home made baby spa days just don’t cut it anymore! || Image from Unsplash

You’ve heard of baby spas right? Because well, being a baby isn’t easy! Besides this fun little niche, many spas also allow children in for child-friendly therapies that make them feel just like Mum and Dad! Let the kids enjoy mini pedicures and manicures, and (very) gentle and comforting massages (think soft, light strokes) and hydrotherapy sessions (the spa way of describing fun water-play!) that could improve the coordination of your bumbly-beeb.

#3 Hike Up a Sweat In Nature

Lead the way tiny human! || Image from Unsplash

Is there a better way to get the heart pumping fresh, clean oxygen through your veins besides a nature hike? From waterfall to viewpoint, getting out in nature is a great way to educate your children on trails, plants, animals, and accomplishing mountains. Plus it’s a great way to bond with them and it drains their energy so they sleep soundly through the night without bothering you for a glass of water. Although… you might also! Sorry cocktail hour, see you again in a few years.

#4 Turn Up The Beats

Heard of the Shoot, the Floss or Roy Purdy? Gather the kids and the kids-at-heart, pop in some tunes and shake off the edges with some cool grooves and funky dance moves for a fun villa night in. It’s all about the energy and the vibe but dancing also releases stress, increases flexibility, balance, range of motion, and stamina. Stomp your feet, wiggle your hips, shake your shoulders then freeze. Everyone loves a good silly follow-along dance but sorry fellow-adults, there’s a high possibility the little ones may show us up on this one.

#5 Paint Up A Storm

So not limited by a mere canvas! || Image from Unsplash

Wellness is also about creativity and a great way to calm the kids down after a fun few days traipsing about is to set up giant rolls of paper, some good old child-friendly paint and let Picasso loose. You can also incorporate natural elements of activities you’ve done during your trip such as leaves from the park, or sand and seashells from the beach. We suggest not having a finished piece in mind but rather, set the intention to memorialise the trip then sit back (“pick up a full wine glass”) and let the little masterminds take the lead.

The Kids Are All Right

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