Luxe stay review: Campton 3

The Details

Aidee, a member of The Luxe Nomad‘s concierge team stayed at Campton 3 in the heart of Kyoto, Japan.

Campton 3 is a 2-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom house sleeping up to eight guests (with the addition of two futons to each bedroom), and is one of the six Campton townhouses.

The Vibe

Crafted in the traditional wooden machiya style that typifies Kyoto, Campton 3 combines modern and traditional Japanese design.

Following traditional design, this machiya is long and narrow, and with a garden in the middle. The elegant garden is great as it lets so much light into the house.

We loved the underfloor heating that kept the entire house feeling toasty, and the wonderful wooden bathtub with a view of the indoor garden.

The Room

The beds in Campton 3 are very soft and comfortable. There are seating areas in both bedrooms on the upper level that consist of a large tatami mat, a few stools and a short table.

The shoji-style windows allow plenty of natural sunlight to enter the bedrooms in the morning. The machiya really captures the essence of Kyoto as a whole with its well thought-out, peaceful and purposeful design/layout.

The property is also well maintained and the staff keep it very clean. Within Campton 3 there are plenty of modern appliances such as the electronic lock at the entrance, Bluetooth connected sound system and heated flooring. The bathrooms are stocked with delightful, organic toiletries from Chidoriya.

There is also an “emergency” smartphone for guests to use in the house to contact staff when you need assistance.

The Location

A short stroll from the machiya brings you to lovely, cosy eateries and izakayas. It is only five minutes walk away from the Keihan train line.

The accommodation is also within a short distance of lovely cultural landmarks such as the Heian shrine, which occasionally hosts events, festivals and markets on its grounds. Yasaka shrine and Kiyomizudera temple are only 10-20 minutes drive from Campton 3.

We enjoyed our evening bike rides up north to the tranquil, serene Kyoto Imperial Palace Park which is 700 metres away. Heading west brought us to the beautiful moat-surrounded Nijo castle.

A compendium in the house showed detailed instructions on how to get to other popular local attractions such as the Arashiyama bamboo grove and Fushimi Inari Shrine.

The Service

The staff were truly wonderful. They spoke excellent English (a relief considering most Japanese do not), and were always ready to help, providing concierge assistance and going above and beyond to ensure a worry-free stay for us.

The accommodation staff can arrange for a delicious Japanese breakfast to be delivered to the townhouse at your preferred time each morning. This has to be pre-arranged though as they will have to order it from a local vendor.

As well, there is a member of staff with Local Halal Certification that Muslim guests may consult for further support before or during the stay.

Our Favourite Part

Zenning out in the beautiful wooden soaking tub! That was so wonderful after a long day of sightseeing!

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