Is the honeymoon dead? How to do a buddymoon right.

All hail the group honeymoon. An oxymoron if we’ve ever heard of one!

It does sound counterintuitive to invite your friends and family along for that sacred post-wedding trip (after all, isn’t the reason for a honeymoon to bone in paradise?), but the chances are, many of you have already experienced a romantic getaway or two with your beloved. In fact, you might even have “secretly” planned your destination wedding whilst on one of these excursions!

So you’ve gathered your nearest and dearest far away from home and are basking in their attention as designated King and Queen. And there’s always that special handful you can’t seem to get rid of no matter what you try that are ready, set, go on extending their stay even longer. Why not give everyone a legitimate excuse (as if you’d need one) to keep the party going?

What may have once seemed completely incomprehensible, is now a new normal. Here are our tips on how to survive a honeymoon made for many:

Don’t tell everyone

You should really only invite your closest friends and family members, especially those you’ve already travelled with in the past. You’re there to solidify your lifelong friendships, not make new ones.

Set expectations

Your wedding may be over (is it really?) and you’re still the centre of attention, but not every waking moment has to be a group activity. Don’t forget to set aside some time for a little romance.

Let loose

Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

The run-up to the wedding, and the day-of can be intense. Now that you’re over the hump and you don’t have to be hellbent on perfection, minor hiccups don’t stand up to the fact that you’re married to your best friend, and hanging with your best friends, in paradise.

Plan activities

Photo by Dave Lastovskiy on Unsplash

Wine tasting at a nearby vineyard? A rambling viewpoint hike so everyone’s focusing on catching their breath instead of fawning over when you’re going to procreate? Pile into a jeep to camp in the bush? Party all day and night at a beach club?

You know your crew best, and while it’s important to take everyone into consideration, set a rough itinerary of what you want to do together beforehand.

Live #thatvillalife

The view from The View

Skip out on strangers inadvertently popping up in your background with a villa. The multiple bedrooms give you privacy when needed while also providing social spaces for the group. Besides, there won’t be any doubt the master bedroom automatically belongs to you.

Extend it as long as you can

One week? Two? We hear the forty-day honeymoon is a thing now. It really doesn’t matter. Your tag-alongs can come for the entirety of the trip or only join for a portion.

Photo by Mahkeo on Unsplash

Pro tip: Make sure you stay a few days past when everybody else leaves!

Bend the wedding rules

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