How to Travel Like Natasha Oakley

The co-creator of A Bikini a Day and designer of Monday Swimwear and Monday Active on how to jet set when you’ve got almost 2 million followers keeping up with your every check-in.

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Travel rituals: I always take my own food on the plane. And then I also drink plenty of water, and always moisturise my skin.

In my carry-on: My laptop, a sleeping mask, and the Creme de la Mer Rose face mist.

If I were stuck on an island: It would be St Barts; everything I love in one place. I was there just recently and couldn’t love it more.

Vacation wardrobe: My style changes depending on where I’m going, but I will generally always end up in some combination of a maxi dress, wide-brimmed sun hat, and paired with wedges or sandals.

Instagram tips: It’s all about the lighting; there are certain tricks that ensure a good photo. The filter I use totally depends on the intricacies of the photo itself. There isn’t one I would always use!

Travel pet peeve: People who take too long in the line in security! And hotels that don’t have baths!!!

Bucket list: India. It seems like such a culturally enriched country, with so many experiences to be had. It would be different to anywhere I’ve ever been before. And the colors… they are just SO enticing.

When travel goes bad: There can be complications on every trip you go on, but honestly, everywhere I’ve ever been has something magical to offer, so I just decide to ignore all complications and enjoy where I am. There’s no point not doing that. And it’s a great technique for life in general!

Favourite vacation: My trip to Italy. I took three weeks out to drive from the North to the South of the country, exploring everything it had to offer. From the large cities to the cute little villages, all bursting with culture, history and tradition — the scenery is just endlessly romantic. I loved it.

Home life: I come from a complete mix of places, but home is Sydney, it’s where my family lives. It is the most amazing place with beautiful beaches and such happy people. There is so much about Sydney that I love; it embodies my passion for the free spirit!

When in Sydney: What I miss most is family, and the first thing I do when I get back is to see them! There is nothing more important to me, and I will spend as much time with them as possible whilst I’m home. I don’t get to see them nearly enough! As with most Australian families, our life revolves around the beach. So I’ll definitely make sure the first thing I do is spend time with them and go for a walk down to the sea! There is nothing better.

Sydney recommendations: Bondi Beach, Shell Beach in Manly, drinks at The Rocks, breakfast at Ruby’s Diner, Waverley.

Mykonos: Such a beautiful island. I’d come back just for the fresh seafood, and the crisp white town which was fairytale like, especially against the clear blue skies.

Something I discovered: A restaurant called Spilia, which is just heaven and has the freshest seafood. You get them by walking along a cliff, almost along a tightrope. They literally catch the fish right there in front of you – there is a little rock pool, and a little boat goes out to sea on a regular basis. By night, it is just so romantic – looking out on to the nothingness of the dark sea.

Something I learnt: The main thing I learnt, I would say, is just how friendly everyone is on Mykonos.

Greece impression: A dream come true. I have dreamt of going to Greece for such a long time. You can always imagine what it’s like, but being there is on a level!

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