25 years of Friends: The one with all the villas

Everyone’s beloved sitcom turns a quarter of a century old this 22nd September. For many of us, Friends literally moulded our realities and humour. Unless you spent 4-hours a day of your adolescence doing productive things, we can bet you’ve spent more than a couple of nights settled comfortably on a couch with the bestie and some really good cheesecake while that cheesecake episode played in the background.

And yet, after 25 years of hanging out with the same TV show and being able to quote one too many quotes by heart, we’re somehow still laughing out loud to the same jokes—not that we’d have it any other way of course!

Here are our best villas suited to our favourite Friends:

The one with a bathtub

Chandler loves baths. He didn’t always, but Monica drew him one with a little plastic Navy ship to make sure it was a “boy” bath and he never looked back. Candles, music, effervescing bath salts lodged in… places… plus bubble bath, magazines, and some really good wine; soak in the complementary scents of essential oil heaven and leave your troubles behind.

But wait, did you just say bathtub with a view?

Baan Maliwan
Could you BE any more perfect?

Where is this place?

Baan Maliwan, a stunning 3-bedroom villa in Bophut, Koh Samui. Located within the award-winning Dhevatara Residence Estate, this villa offers superior sea views of the bay, the Big Buddha, and Koh Phangan.

The property is just 30-metres to the beach and only a 10-minute drive to the fishermen’s village. It’s convenient yet cosy, with open plan spaces and a multitude of sliding glass doors and windows that frame the view.

Rates from USD 240++ per night!

The one for weddings

Ross loves marriage. For all his passionate chatter about dinosaurs, this dorky hunk has watched three different women walk down the aisle towards him. Sure, Rachel was drunk, Carol eventually left him for Susan, and well, he said the wrong name that other time, but in spite of his issues, there’s no one more romantic than him and an intimate beach wedding in Bali!

Villa Melissa wedding
The salmon skin roll to my unagi. Image by Terralogical

Where is this place?

The Pantai Lima Estate are five exclusive beachfront villas along in Canggu, Bali. With a total of 27-rooms spread across all 5-villas, this is the perfect location for intimate I-dos. This private, laid-back estate is wedged in between paddy fields, and those tears-to-my-eyes sunsets that Bali is so perfect for.

And since you’ve already got your favourite people in one spot, why not turn the big day into a week-long celebration of love.

The one that’s oh-so-luxurious

It’s so easy to see Rachel as the princess; spoiled, self-centred, almost superficial. But it’s her ambition, moxie, and bravery that is the real reason everyone loves her. She ran away from a stable, yet boring and unfulfilling future with dental hygienist Barry and worked her way from terrible waitress to Bloomingdale’s to Ralph Lauren and that Louis Vuitton job in Paris she walked out on for love.

This mama of one deserves recognition and a luxuriating good time at a sea front pool.

Baan Kilee Pool
Do I get to look in this book?

Where is this place?

Baan Kilee is an 8-bedroom beachfront villa with 30m of white sand frontage and year round swimming. It’s part of the acclaimed Chai Talay Estate and boasts amazing sunset views and of the famous Five Islands.

This villa comes with a children’s playground, and three different swimming pool sections – the main pool, a small children’s pool, and a sunken pool complete with its own bar and pull-down projector!

Rates from USD 1,300++ per night! 

The one with charm

There is zero doubt that Phoebe is living her best life according to her rules. She may not have had the same privileges but she knows exactly what she’s doing and doesn’t say anything other than what she means. Always the oddball, the only approval she needs is her own, and that’s what makes her so lovable.

Villa Manggala
Eye-contact? I hope you were using protection.

Where is this place?

Villa Manggala, Canggu. This pretty 3-bedroom villa is set amidst paddy fields in the heart of Canggu and only 500m to Berawa Beach. The tiled flooring and joglo roof of the living room offer ample space and sunshine for guitar strumming and art. There’s even a quaint little massage room for those treat-yourself moments.

Rates from USD 295++ per night! 

The one with a chef

This goofball Lothario loves women, and food. Despite his womanising and dim-wittedness, there’s no doubt Joey has the biggest heart, and stomach. And for someone with a stomach his size, he needs a private chef that can and will pander to all his hunger pangs.

Baan Jakawan Chef
Pizza, we like pizza!

Where is this place?

Baan Jakawan is the ideal getaway for large groups of families and friends (Joey has seven sisters!). This 7-bedroom ocean view offers one of Samui’s largest villa infinity pool at 39.5m! It is only 5-minutes from Chaweng and comes fully-staffed with a private chef that will go out of his way to feed you to your heart (and stomach’s) content!

Rates from USD 745++ per night! 

The one with a kitchen

Equal parts neat freak, neurotic, and maternal, Monica was your Type A control freak with a mean competitive streak. And a heart of gold. She could whip up any meal from Thanksgiving, to Ross’ sandwich, birthday flan, and all kinds of potatoes.

What she needs is a darn good kitchen and a beautiful setting to host dinner parties.

Villa Nedine Dining Room
Pull on your Thanksgiving pants.

Where is this place?

Villa Nedine, a sleek eco-luxe 4-bedroom in the heart of Canggu. The villa boasts a contemporary, environmentally friendly design and features an open living concept with a Balinese touch in furnishing. The kitchen is well-equipped with gas hobs, refrigerator, freezer, oven, blender, DeLonghi Coffeemaker, and more.

The best part is the beautiful dining area though!

Rates from USD 625++ per night!

How you doin?

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