Cameras out: Best places to see Jacaranda trees in New South Wales

Give us any excuse to whip out beautiful photos of flowering trees. New South Wales, Australia is awash with Jacaranda, a tree that, in the springtime and early summer, colours the land with blue-violet flowers. Jacarandas grow in various regions all over the world, but the ones in Australia are particularly famous. You’ll find it in most of the sub-tropical parts of the country, but we’re here to swoon over the displays in New South Wales. They even have festivals! To celebrate these trees! Step aside, sakura!

#1 Circular Quay, Sydney

Jacaranda Sydney
Photo: Destination NSW

Three words, people: Sydney Opera House. (Or Sydney Harbour Bridge, depending on where you point your camera). Nothing better than to kill two birds with one stone than to have a photo of the iconic performing arts centre and Jacarandas together. Some people turn their noses up at #basic postcard views, but you’re crazy if sight of this doesn’t make your jaw drop.

#2 Surry Hills, Sydney

Surry Hills Sydney Jacaranda
Photo: Destination NSW

Honestly, who gave this neighbourhood permission to be so beautiful? You’re probably going to be there a lot for the Sydney café/food scene. It’s just a happy coincidence that Surry Hills is also one of the best places to gawk at Jacarandas.

#3 Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Photo: Destination NSW

The perfect date, really. The gardens cultivate thousands of plant specimens, including rare species native to Australia. While you’d be pretty fascinated by the giant fig trees, it’s another kind of special to see the landscape get painted blue by the Jacaranda.

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#4 Grafton

Photo: Destination NSW

This city, about 7 hours north of Sydney, is considered the capital of Jacaranda. It is home to around 2,000 of the trees, many of which line the streets (no joke, it’s really straight out of a fairy tale). The annual Grafton Jacaranda Festival, the country’s oldest floral festival, is kicked off with the crowning of a Jacaranda Queen and Princesses. The festival features local arts, culture, food, and activities that families from all around take days off for. Participate in the fun run, just go on strolls to find your perfect shot, or see it all from a hot air balloon high above. The 2018 festival runs from 27 October to 4 November.

#5 Tamworth

Tamworth Jacaranda Australia
Photo: Destination NSW

And now, for a change of scenery, we head to Tamworth, which is famous for its sporting horse events and country music festivals. You’ll find our star flowering tree in abundance here. Fun fact: In 9 November 1888, Tamworth became the first city in Australia to have its streets lit by electric street lamps.

#6 Camden

Camden Jacaranda Festival Australia
Photo: Camden Jacaranda Festival

This 23-25 November, Argyle Street in Camden will host the Camden Jacaranda Festival. It’s a weekend of fun for the family, as the town also kicks off Christmas celebrations. A big stretch of the iconic Jacaranda-lined street will be pedestrian-only from 9am to 10pm on Saturday, 24 November for you to do some festive shopping at the pop-up stalls.

Pack your cameras; let’s go!

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