19 underwater photos that will terrify you or make you want to go freediving

Freediving takes not only immense skill, but the ability to hold your breath underwater for a long time. These freedivers and underwater photographers will seriously inspire excursions below sea level, provided you’re not hydrophobic!

#1 @aliciaunderwater

Where: Hawaii

#2 @iamjuliawheeler

Where: Bali, Indonesia

#3 @sabby808

Where: Honolulu, Hawaii

#4 @vitadasirena

Where: Hondoq Bay, Malta

#5 @travisburkephotography

Where: Karpathos, Greece

#6 @gabscanu

Where: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#7 @chelseakauai

Where: Hawaii

#8 @adamfreediver

Where: Avoca Beach, Australia

#9 @_jimward_

Where: Mo’orea, French Polynesia

#10 @nolanomura

Where: n/a

#11 @flaviaeberhard

Where: Tulum, Mexico

#12 @pepearcos

Where: Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines

#13 @shangerdanger

Where: Hawaii

#14 @deanfreediver

Where: Riviera Maya, Mexico

#15 @suahuatica

Where: Comino, Malta

#16 @daanverhoevenfreediver

Where: El Bells, Egypt

#17 @fatboybrock

Where: Hawaii

#18 @deepleigh

Where: Mexico

#19 @perrinjames1

Where: n/a

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