Bali’s Biggest Clean-Up – The Results

Two weeks ago, we told you all about Bali’s Biggest Clean-Up, a project created by Bye Bye Plastic Bags’ Melati and Isabel Wijsen, and how The Luxe Nomad has been helping with the fight on plastic.

On Saturday 16 February with the help of The Luxe Nomad’s Bali team, Bali’s beaches were subject to Bali’s Biggest Clean-Up, and it was a resounding success!

The results

13,000 individuals gathered at over 150 locations around Bali! From these locations, Bali’s Biggest Clean-Up removed over 30 tonnes of plastic – a total of 41,733 items!

Here’s a breakdown of the 41,733 items that have now been properly disposed of.

Image from Making Oceans Plastic-Free on Instagram

The Luxe Nomad was out in force with team members helping at seven locations! We are so proud to have been a part of this clean-up and look forward to assisting to keep Bali clean in the years to come! We hope you’ll join us.

Below are some great photos of our Bali team in action!

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