6 of Bali’s Secret Beaches (Until Now)

Had about enough of tourists crowding your space (even though you ARE one of them)? We present you 6 of Bali’s secret beaches, that is…until now.

#1 Amed Beach

This could be the original blue lagoon but with black sand
How perfect is that lagoon?

Where: Karangasem

Why: If you want a true local experience, Amed beach is it. Lined with traditional outrigger fishing boats, it’s also one of Bali’s black sand beaches thanks to the volcanic deposits mixed into the coastal soil. Snorkelling is great here because of the abundance of coral life, but it’s also great for diving as there are wrecks located at nearby Lipah beach and Tulamben.

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#2 Balangan Beach

Beauty and the beach
Beauty is a beach…

Where: Jimbaran

Why: Flanked between two rock cliffs, the coastline of Balangan beach stretches for about 1km.  This also means that there are great swells for surfers, especially left-handed ones! We love that this beach is far enough away from the touristy spots and makes a great day trip for families as well as lone adventurers, but beware you’ll need to work your legs down some steps to gain access!

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#3 Karma Beach

Now that is a secret hideaway!
Now that is what we call a secret hideaway!

Where: Uluwatu

Why: Unspoiled, upkept and with waters like the Mediterranean, Karma beach is only accessible if you stay at the Karma Kandara (an experience no one should pass up) or pay an entrance fee of IDR250,000 with food and drinks included in that fee. It’s a perfect place to while the afternoon away!

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#4 Geger Beach

We could stare at that rock all day
That. Water. Though.

Where: Nusa Dua

Why: Geger is known for its famed seaweed – it’s worth peeking in on one of the many seaweed farms nearby after frolicking about in the crystal clear waters. It’s one of the few beaches in Bali where topless sunbathing is allowed, plus there are plenty of restaurants for you to satiate your appetite whether for the day or Sunday brunch.

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#5 Green Bowl Beach

There's a cave too!
Holy batcave, batman!

Where: Ungasan

Why: A tough nut to crack, Green Bowl is located on the southern coast of the island, and a little challenging to get there. We say ‘little’ but what we really mean is a cardio workout down concrete steps after you’ve paid IDR2,000 entrance. Once you do arrive though, it’s worth all that pain and you’ll almost have your very own private stretch of sand with world class surf.

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#6 Pandawa Beach

Into the blue, or should we say turquoise...
Into the blue, or should we say turquoise…

Where: Kutuh

Why: Until a few years ago, Pandawa Beach was known as THE secret beach, but that’s all changed now that 1.5km worth of access roads through large limestone cliffs have opened it up to the public. It is, however, stunning – thanks to its beautiful stretch of white sand beach and turquoise waters. Perfect for fun in the sun!

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Have we left out your fave secret beach? Let us know in the comments below!

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