5 ways to find your inner peace at BaliSpirit Festival

BaliSpirit, the festival that will be awakening your soul and guiding you to seek positive change, is back for its twelfth year from 24-31 March! With a lineup offering a range of interactive workshops, seminars, tons of yoga and dance, and lots of live music, this festival is aimed at making sure you finish the week as a better person – one full of inner bliss.

There is so much going on at BaliSpirit this year that we have a hard time imagining how to choose between all the different activities. Here are the five things we’re most looking forward to – breathe in deep and let the zen wash over you.

#1 Live in your handstands (or just get started with yoga)!

Image Courtesy of BaliSpirit
Image Courtesy of BaliSpirit

If you’re a yogi, doesn’t matter if you just started last week or ten years ago, BaliSpirit is the festival for you! There is an extensive range of classes from classic styles like Vinyasa Flow to modalities that are a bit more out there like Black Metal Yoga to Blindfolded and Anusara Yoga. We’re particularly looking forward to dragging our partners to acro yoga (like in the above photo).

Can we get an “Omm”?

#2 Master capoeira and aerial dance

Image Courtesy of BaliSpirit
Image Courtesy of BaliSpirit

BaliSpirit has a massive Dance and Martial Arts line-up including classes on the magical dance/fight style/physical expression that is capoeira, the circus arts of aerial dance and more traditional, yet almost extinct, forms of expression like Kathak and Balinese dance.

We’re all for getting moving to help clear our minds!

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#3 Dance like no one’s watching at their music nights

Image Courtesy of BaliSpirit
Image Courtesy of BaliSpirit

Is there anything that releases stress quite like dancing? We didn’t think so!

We love to dance and even more so when we can bust out our inner running man and not give a second thought to the people around us. Each night, BaliSpirit will run a music night with DJs churning out a whole range of tunes from Afrobeats to EDM and live bands performing traditional music from around the world.

#4 Focus on your healing and breathwork

Image Courtesy of BaliSpirit
Image Courtesy of BaliSpirit

You don’t constantly have to be moving to take part in the search for inner harmony. BaliSpirit offers a whole range of healing workshops which focus on sound (the use of special sounds to improve brain waves) and breathwork. Attendees can also organise individual sessions for a more personalised experience.

Breathe in and release negativity.

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#5 Settle in for some wisdom talks

Image Courtesy of BaliSpirit
Image Courtesy of BaliSpirit

Challenge your mind and be open to finding a new feeling of balance in your life with a series of talks designed to help you discover peace and purpose. Come away feeling energised and like a whole new you!

P.S. – BaliSpirit is a child-friendly festival! There is a full lineup of kid-friendly activities like arts and crafts, yoga, dance and music workshops and storytelling. Additionally, there is a Kids Zone with daycare services.

Excited to join? Find out more here and use our code – THELUXENOMAD – for 10% off Abundance and 7-day Spirit passes

Elisabeth Forsman

Our predictably unpredictable adventure nomad, Elisabeth is the yogi who wants it fast, the ultra-runner who prefers taking a hike, and the swimmer with a fear of lap pools. A consummate lover of all things outdoors, she’s on a perpetual quest to get those around her outside and moving.

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