Watch this plane get lit up with Christmas lights

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without crazy decorations. It was only fitting that this London airport decided to deck a whole plane with it! (Fa la la la la.)

British airline easyJet partnered with London Luton Airport to bring a little festive cheer as part of the airport’s 80th anniversary celebrations. The result was a colourful light show that was projected onto an easyJet Airbus A320, with glittery reindeer and, well, MORE lights around the plane in a hangar.

You also could say Christmas at London Luton Airport was #lit.

The show in numbers

850,000 choreographed light sequences were used on the 120-ft aircraft.
10 special effects artists worked on the show.
4 weeks – that’s how long the artists took to design the light sequences.
24 hours were all they had to set it up at the hangar and put up the external decorations as well.

A 9-year-old girl named Maddy Simonite had the honour of switching on the lights, kicking off the show that was accompanied by a remix of Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Santa Claus even popped his head out of the pilot’s window at the end to wish everyone (Rudolph and gang had the night off, we assume).

Easyjet London Luton airport Christmas

It’s being hailed as the world’s first Christmas light show on an aircraft; perhaps it could be the start of a new Guinness World Records category?

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