Watch: AIRTime, Drone Footage That Takes You Around the World

Drone-shot videos exceed Snapchat by a mile. Or even all the way accross the world. This video, titled AIRTime, has been making its way around the internet for perfectly captured footage. It’s magnificent to view Dubai from above, to the temples in Vietnam, and then to the sparkling waters in Hawaii.

Don’t believe us, just watch. Think you can identify every place? Answers below:

Film-maker Christian Grewe is behind the camera (or remote control). The 6-minute clip compiles 4K ultra HD footage from 80,000 km of travelling over seven months. He filmed all of it using a DJI Phantom 3 drone, if you’d like to get one for yourself.

Destinations included are Germany, Amsterdam, Italy, Greece, Maui in the U.S, Canada, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Vietnam, Myanmar and South Africa. How did you do?

The world awaits

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