This Week in Travel: An Epic Parenting Fail

#1 Pick up trash for the ‘Gram

Where: Wherever trash lives

What: There is a new internet challenge afoot and it is one we can 100% get behind. #trashtag is happening. People are using #trashtag to share before and after images of public cleanup projects in locations like public parks, beaches, hiking trails and even just the side of the road. We are obsessed with this and the difference tons of motivated individuals are making around the world!

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#2 Plane is turned around after woman forgets her baby in airport

Original Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

Where: King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Saudi Arabia

What: Shortly after takeoff, a flight travelling from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia was turned around. Now, we’ve been on planes where this has happened because of misplaced luggage, medical emergencies and even people getting on the wrong flights, but the reason for this turn around is definitely a first.

This time, one of the passengers forgot her baby in the terminal’s waiting area. Upon realising the issue the mother, of course, refused to continue the flight and the pilot is being lauded as a hero for turning the plane around. Mother and child were reunited but we don’t know any more than that.

We probably never will know how any of this happened, but for all the parents who worry about whether they’re doing a good job with their children, just remember that it could be worse.

#3 Get a $15,000 stay in return for something you stole

Image from The Roosevelt New Orleans

Where: The Roosevelt New Orleans Hotel

What: Admit it, you’ve taken things from hotels before. Pens, we know are a favourite, as are the occasional bathrobes if you’re feeling daring. Well, now The Roosevelt New Orleans is going to reward you for stealing from them – in a way.

As part of the hotels 125th anniversary, they are offering up seven nights in their Presidential Suite along with free private dinner and spa experiences to the person who returns the most outrageous stolen item from the hotel. The package is worth over $15,000!

So far, former guests have returned items like dining plates, a tablecloth, a vinyl record and bud vases. If you have anything belonging to the hotel, you have until 1 July to enter. Contest details can be found here.

#4 10-year-old airline entrepreneur gets advice from Qantas CEO

Where: Australia

What: Ten-year-old Alex Jacquot dreams of starting up an airline. But, like many good entrepreneurs, realises he can’t do it on his own. So, the young CEO of “Oceania Express” sent a handwritten note to Qantas’ CEO Alan Joyce asking for advice.

And, in a seriously awe-worthy moment, he received a response! Alex received a few tips from the Qantas CEO, including that he needs to put “safety front and center”. The two are set to meet in person to brainstorm ideas and tour Qantas’ Operation Centre.

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