This Week in Travel: Good for the environment or a nightmare for germaphobes?

#1 KAWS is coming to Hong Kong with a floating sculpture

Image from Hong Kong Tourism Board

Where: Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour

What: Do you ever miss that big ol’ duck that floated around the world in 2013? Well, floating sculptures are back! This time American artist KAWS’ signature character, Companion, which could be described as a post-life Mickey Mouse (pictured above), is the one floating about. The 37-metre-long floating sculpture is set to appear in Victoria Harbour on 22 March before setting off again on 31 March.

#2 Get paid to travel the world – with a catch (as usual)

Image from Busabout

Where: Take your pick

What: Busabout, the tour company, is looking for six fearless travellers with a knack for content creation to travel around Europe, Southeast Asia or the US (two travellers per region). The European tour goes for eleven weeks, whereas the other two last for six weeks. The selected travellers will have all expenses covered plus an additional stipend of US$375 per week.

All that works, but the catch is where you understand why Busabout is looking for “fearless travellers”. If you get the gig, you have zero control over what you’re doing. Instagram gets to decide your fate. Busabout’s Insta following will decide what you’re eating and what activities you engage in. It’s a bit like that Emma Roberts/Dave Franco movie, “Nerve”.

To learn more, go to their website.

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#3 Hilton Hotels to recycle bars of soap

Getty / Thurell

Where: Hilton Hotels around the world

What: The Hilton has announced that as of October 15, also known as Global Handwashing Day, it will have collected used bars of soap from across its hotels and recycled them into 1 million new bars. The used soap will be crushed, sanitised, cut and then distributed to communities in need.

We absolutely love that the Hilton is taking on so many recycling initiatives keeping tons of waste out of landfills (they also recycle soap, lotion and shampoo bottles, and recently designed a vegan hotel suite), but we’re wondering how you sanitise soap… Showering with a stranger’s used soap almost sounds like a germaphobe’s worst nightmare.

#4 Life Leave is becoming a thing now (Are you listening, boss?)

Ernst & Young

Where: Ernst & Young Oceania

What: To be an accountant would be so glamorous. Where did we go wrong in life?

Ok, we’re happy to be where we are, but wow, Ernst & Young employees in Aus are getting a seriously fantastic deal. As of 1 April, employees of the accounting firm will be able to take six to twelve weeks of vacation each year as part of the company’s new “life leave” policy. The firm hopes that by introducing such a policy, they’ll be able to attract and retain top talent.

Before you send your applications in, yes, there is a catch. Ernst & Young will not be paying for your “life leave”; these weeks will be entirely self-funded.

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