Top 3 Summer Activities to do in Furano

Summer in Furano

Summer in Furano

Furano – also known as one of the top summer destinations in Japan, and for good reason. This city is one you should experience during the summer season between May to July. Located in central Hokkaido, approximately 2 hours away from Niseko, lies one of the country’s hidden gems. While you’re in Japan, take a break from the areas with heavy tourist traffic and step into a charming world where authentic Japanese experiences can be found. If you ever find yourself in Furano, here are the top 3 summer activities to do;


Endless Flower Fields

Lavender Fields Furano Japan

Have you ever been to the tulip fields in Holland? Furano has their own version with a vast variety of flower species, Lavender being the most abundant. Go on a visual and fragrant journey as you stroll through the fields, taking in all of the scenery and fresh air. Since the 1940’s Lavender has been cultivated in Hokkaido which led to the abundance of farms. The other species of flowers you can find in these farms are poppies, sunflowers, lupins, lilies, and many more! Take a car and drive from farm to farm and take those Instagram-worthy photos for a little festive profile makeover.


Celebrate Hokkai Heso Matsuri

Hokkai Heso Matsuri
Photo from The Smart Local

This is a traditional festival that dates back to the 1960’s which was done to strengthen the bonds of the people in the community. Because of Furano’s central location, it is known as the “belly button” of Hokkaido. This is celebrated every year to also honor the Hokushin Shrine, the shrine that prays for life’s love, birth, growth, health, happiness, thriving and peace. The main event to watch out for is the belly button dance competition. Over 4,000 dancers draw a face on their bellies and perform a unique dance style throughout the city. The great part is that anyone can join for a fee of ¥2,000 which includes the gear needed to fit in with the dancers. Your stomachs are sure to be filled during and after all the festivities because local vendors sell some of the best local cuisine for you to try! 


Indulge in Fresh Produce

Furano Jam Garden
Photo from Furano Jam Website

Summer seasons means the fruits and vegetables are ready to come out of hiding! Enjoy a bounty of different produce such as asparagus, potatoes, strawberries, and cherries. Visit the local farms, see how they harvest, and even experience picking them out yourself. For a new experience, visit the Furano Jam Garden and take one of their jam making classes that they only host during the summer. For one hour, you will choose from a number of fruits and create your very own jar of jam. Take it home as a little souvenir or devour it in one sitting with your favorite slice of bread.


Where to Stay

Fenix Furano The Luxe Nomad

If there’s one thing left that is needed to complete your Furano summer, it’s finding the perfect place to stay! With The Luxe Nomad, you can book at Fenix Furano or Fenix West for the best accommodation in Furano. These are the latest luxury condominium hotels that are the perfect choice for groups of families or friends. By booking with The Luxe Nomad, all of the activities above can be booked with the help of the team. To top it all off, both hotels are located close to restaurants, bars, and stores!


If you’re deciding where you and your travel buddies should head to this summer season, then you should definitely seriously consider Furano! 

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