This Week in Travel: Super Dogs

#1 A dog was found 220-kilometres off the Thai Coast

Boon Rod after being rescued. (AP: Vitisak Payalaw)

Where: An oil rig off the coast of Thailand

What: Workers on a Chevron oil rig more than 220 kilometres from shore got the shock of their lives when they spotted a dog swimming over to the rig’s platform. The dog made it to the platform’s support structure before being hoisted up to safety by the rig workers. It was later returned to land and declared healthy by Watchdog Thailand, an animal protection group. The dog has since been named Boon Rod – Thai for Survivor. One of the workers has declared that he will adopt Boon Rod if it should go unclaimed.

It’s suspected that the miracle dog fell over the side of a fishing trawler.

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#2 World’s largest plane has completed its first flight

Image from Stratolaunch

Where: Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California

What: The world’s largest aeroplane, at 226,000 kilograms, a 385-foot wingspan, two cockpits and six engines, has just completed it’s first successful flight lasting 2.5 hours. Don’t get too excited though; chances are you won’t be flying in one. The giant aircraft, built by Stratolaunch, is not meant for commercial flights and was instead designed to be a less expensive way to release satellite-carrying rockets into space.

#3 A stray dog joined and finished a 225-kilometre race

Where: Morocco

What: On the second day of the Marathon des Sables, which is considered the toughest footrace on earth at 225-kilometres over six days, a stray dog later named Cactus decided he wanted to participate. Cactus followed runners for the full five days that he competed. He even completed the 75-kilometre “long day” in an impressive 11 hours and 15 minutes. Cactus was well-cared for throughout the race, being fitted with a GPS tracker, competitors giving him food and water, and a medical team checking him for blisters.

There is no word yet on what Cactus will do next.

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#4 Dine inside an art installation

Image from The Peninsula Hong Kong

Where: Hong Kong’s Peninsula Hotel

What: If you’ve ever felt the need to eat your dinner inside art, here’s your chance! The Peninsula Hotel has created The Wonder Room. The room looks like a box on the outside, but wooden pieces on the inside form an egg-shaped art piece. Within this egg/box you can enjoy a five-course meal. Delicacies you’ll enjoy include poached lobster, slow-cooked salmon, black truffles, and meringue.

The room is available until 21 June.

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