This Week in Travel: Sand and VR

#1 Jail time for a pinch of sand?

Photo by Salty Wings ?? on Unsplash

A French couple face up to six years in jail for trying to leave Sardinia with fourteen bottles of sand from Chia, a beach on the south of the island. The sand in Sardinia is unique and has been protected since 2017 to preserve the heritage and delicate environment for future generations. Visitors are not allowed to take any of the island’s colourful sand, stones, or seashells home with them.

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#2 Would you spend a night in a sandcastle?

Image from

Speaking of sand, it’s now possible to spend a night in a sand-mansion! just added this 100-tonne structure to its list of offerings in honour of National Sandcastle Day. Located at Luna Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn, the room for two is only available for a limited time. There’s no ensuite though!

#3 Virtual reality headsets on a flight?

Image by Nick Morrish/British Airways

British Airways is trialling virtual reality headsets for first class passengers. Certain flights from London Heathrow to New York JFK will be able to enjoy a collection of films, documentaries and other programs in 2D, 3D, or 360° formats via an AlloSky headset. There are also a variety of therapeutic programmes, including guided meditation and sound therapy, specially designed for customers who have a fear of flying.

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