This Week In Travel: “Catch Me If You Can” & Airline Food On The Ground

#1 How about getting paid £50 an hour just to enjoy Christmas?

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We’ve met ski instructors and dive shop owners who insist they have the best seasonal jobs in the world and they wouldn’t be wrong. Except during Christmas. An online exhibition platform called ExpoCart is looking for a part-time Christmas Fair Tester! The chosen candidate will have the oh, so difficult job of wandering around at least 10 different markets between 6 – 24 December to take in the twinkling lights, drink mulled wine and report back on what they find. Besides quality photographs, there’s also a lengthy 750-word report on each fair. Talk about a hard day’s night!

#2 “Catch Me If You Can” to upgrade your flight to First Class!

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Who’s gonna come wipe this smug smile off my face and steal my @theplazahotel penthouse suite today? #wheresgilbert

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Gilbert Ott is back with another round of his viral “Catch Me If You Can” campaign. A couple years back he offered travellers the chance to swap their economy class seats for his business or first class one if they recognised him at the airport. He upgraded 40 people then because it “felt cool”and now he’s back and partnered with Capital One Venture to trick out the contest with even more prizes and chances to win. Besides flight upgrades, you could also win hotel suites and other goodies. And this time, he’s not just confined to the airport, so keep an eye out for him in the city too!

#3 Scientists, loud speakers, dead corals and fish?

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In an attempt to entice fish back to dead coral reefs and potentially help them recover, a team of scientists from the UK and Australia used underwater loudspeakers to replicate the sounds of healthy reefs. “Healthy coral reefs are remarkably noisy places – the crackle of snapping shrimp and the whoops and grunts of fish combine to form a dazzling biological soundscape. Juvenile fish hone in on these sounds when they’re looking for a place to settle,” said one of the study’s authors, Steve Simpson, a professor of marine biology and global change at the University of Exeter. They placed loudspeakers on patches of dead coral in the Great Barrier Reef and found that twice as many fish arrived, and stayed, compared to equivalent patches where no sound was played!

#4 Would you eat airline food if you weren’t flying?

AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes is absolutely certain that the airline’s in-flight Santan menu is absolutely fantastic. The group CEO of ASEAN’s largest low-cost carrier first floated the idea in February that he would start a fast food restaurant serving their famous cabin dishes like Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak, Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice, Pineapple Fish Noodles from Cambodia and Chicken Inasal with Garlic Rice from the Philippines among others. AirAsia opened its first quick-serve restaurant and cafe in Mid Valley MegaMall in Kuala Lumpur and plans to have at least five more by the end of 2020.


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