This Week in Travel: People Using Bad Judgement

#1 Missile launcher confiscated at Baltimore airport

America’s TSA confiscated a missile launcher from a man’s luggage in Maryland. The traveller daring to bring the military-grade weapon abroad told TSA that he was military and hoping to bring the launcher home from Kuwait as a souvenir. As it was not a live device, the man was released and allowed to continue on his trip.

As Baltimore was a stopover for the man in question, we’re only a little confused as to how the missile launcher managed to get on previous flights.

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#2 Proof hypnotism doesn’t pay

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Police in Tabanan, Bali arrested three Iranian nationals accused of stealing IDR 8 million (approximately USD 570). They allegedly stole the money from a shop after hypnotising the shopkeeper. According to the shopkeeper, the Iranians came in to buy a bag of garlic. She doesn’t remember much after they paid, having been hypnotised, and claims she only came to when a driver, who came to deliver goods, woke her.

Police later tracked down the thieves thanks to the getaway car.

#3 Another reason to closely watch your kids at the airport

A two-year-old boy walked away from his mother as she checked them in for a flight at Atlanta’s international airport. When she reported him missing, it was discovered that he had jumped on a baggage conveyor belt and been swept away. The boy then took a little trip through restricted areas of the airport. He was found once he reached a TSA baggage area where officers plucked him from the belt and returned him to his mother.

Emergency services treated him for a severely swollen and bruised right hand.

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#4 Attack of the Bison

Photo by Chloe Leis on Unsplash

A bison attacked a seventeen-year-old hiker in North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The girl walked between two fighting bison. One of the bison then charged at her. She was struck in the back, her leg was gored, and she was thrown six feet in the air. It’s unknown as to whether or not the hiker knew the bison were there.

This event happened a week after a nine-year-old standing extremely close to a bison was charged and injured at Yellowstone.

#5 Influencers sick after swimming in a toxic dump

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Several Instagrammers have been hospitalised in recent weeks after swimming in a “lake” in Spain. As it turns out, the beautiful turquoise waters of Monte Neme are turquoise for a less than sanitary reason. The water is full of dangerous chemical water from a World War II-era tungsten mine. The swimmers have since suffered from bouts of vomiting, and rashes.

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