What Do We Think of MAS’ New Airbus A330 Business Class Seats?

Malaysia Airlines unveiled their new A330 Business Class seats this week. In a nutshell, you’ll be paying even more for fewer seats in the same aircraft. To be fair however, the seats are a step up from the old design, especially if you prefer sleeping in the fetal position. So if you’re fancy like that, here’s what you’ll be flying with in no time.

The wider A330 Business Class seats recline to a spacious 193 cm-long flat bed, unlike the previous slopping seat-design. To make it easier for passengers to figure out their ideal setting, the seats are fitted with two control panels for making adjustments. A third panel on the side of the seat gives you that option of turning on the massage function. There’s also a 16-inch HD monitor for your in-flight entertainment needs.

The new seats made their debut on March 23 on a flight from Malaysia to Sydney. Two aircraft units will be refitted every month, scheduling the completion for all 15 aircraft in September. The flight of fancy will be available on routes between Kuala Lumpur and Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China and India.

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