Secret Superstitions: Things The Hotel Staff Won’t Tell You

Call it what you want, but fear of the unknown is a very real thing. It’s especially true when you’re staying in an unfamiliar place, say…like a hotel room. Whether you’re superstitious or not, there are just some things the hotel staff won’t tell you — some things are better left unsaid, anyway. Here are some hotel secrets they won’t tell you (but we will).

#1 Reserved

Best go elsewhere

Especially in older historical hotels, almost every hotel has at least one room that’s kept vacant at all times, even if they are at full capacity. These rooms are by no means rented out –they’re reserved for “special tenants” or guests that you won’t want to meet or share a room with.

#2 No Vacancy

Which ones are truly vacant?

It’s always best to book your accommodation way in advance, but sometimes it’s just unavoidable (we’re all for spontaneous getaways, after all!) — but if the receptionist tells you that there are no more rooms available, don’t insist on one or you may end up in one that’s reserved for special (unseen) guests.

#3 Who’s There

Knock, knock

Ever noticed that when a hotel staff walks you to your room, they will knock before they enter? This isn’t just to make sure that they got the right and vacant room, it’s also to warn anyone or anything else that might be lingering behind closed doors.

#4 Cold Shoulder

Don’t ignore it when you feel uneasy upon entering a room

We don’t think this is said enough, but trust your instinct. If the room doesn’t make you feel comfortable as soon as you enter it, don’t ignore the goosebumps (especially when the air conditioning hasn’t even been switched on). Quietly leave the room and politely ask for a room change.

#5 Mirror Mirror

Not a time to “reflect”

Some cultures believe it’s bad luck to sleep facing the mirror and the door, as these drain the positive energy in the room and allows for easy access (for other realms). Plus, it can be shocking to wake up to our own reflection — imagine seeing something (or someone) else!

#6 Let There Be Light 

Bright is right

Upon entering the room, immediately let your presence be known by making the room as bright as possible and switching on the lights and drawing open all the curtains. If possible, don’t keep the room in darkness and leave a light on at all times, even when you’re out or sleeping (the toilet light will do).

#7 It’s A Shoe In

“Shoe” away negative energy

No matter how tired and eager you may be to jump into bed, take some time to rearrange your shoes so that both sides don’t point in your direction — we’ve heard that it’s best to turn one side of the shoe upside down (so the sole is facing upwards). Some say it’s to confuse unwanted presence about your whereabouts.

#8 Double Trouble

Don’t want to room with anyone (or anything)? Occupy both beds

Traveling alone but the hotel gave you a twin sharing room? It might seem selfish, but go ahead and take up all the bed space by placing your belongings on them, be it luggage or clothes and toiletries. This is so nothing that’s unwelcome may occupy the space while you sleep.

Have a scary hotel story to share? Tell us!

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