The Dark Knight's Digs: Holy Batman Suite!

We think this is closer to George Clooney’s Batman than Christian Bale’s broody masked crusader, because it’s just so…kitsch/fanboy/tacky/ insert your adjective here.

We think Batman seriously needs an interior decorator
You get your very own view of Gotham, and what about some pet bats?

And while a rubber suite complete with nipples gadgets isn’t waiting for you, you’ll certainly get a whole host of other Batman-centric details when you book the Batman Suite at the Eden Motel, Taiwan, all for the insane sum of USD50 per 3-hour block. Wait, what? You can actually do that?

Even Batman likes to travel…to Hong Kong no less!

The answer? A resounding YES.

It’s certainly no Warner Bros/DC Comic hotel that’s for sure, what it IS though, is one of the many ‘love motels’ that dot Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. It’s less sleazy, more amusement-park-wonderland for lovers, and we can see why. C’mon, seriously? A full-scale Batmobile? Imagine the things you can do in that…errr, then again maybe not.

Do you think Batman watches himself on TV?
Or maybe he likes looking at his own poster?

BONUS: You also get miniature gargoyles, hanging bats, a (painted) view of Gotham City, your own pseudo-skylight with the Bat sign (you know, in case someone needs saving), a bathroom complete with Jacuzzi (worthy of a Bruce-Wayne wannabe), and an industrial/cave-like atmosphere!

Maybe Commisioner Gordon needs some help

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