Save the #selfie: Around the World in 360 Degree Selfies

The #selfie is hardly new, and even more so the concept of taking selfies with scenery. Even Google saw fit to make fun of selfie takers all round the world on April Fool’s by launching their joke theme ‘Shelfies’, an unbelievably narcissistic (and, might we add, badly named) new platform of a shareable selfie background for Gmail that you could gift to your closest friends and family. Way to go, Google.

And while we love to hate the badly taken selfies at various notable monuments, (the more popular ones being the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa & the Statue of Liberty) there is no hating on the guy who attached a GoPro camera to a stick and documented his various travels with 360 degree selfies. In the video that apparently took 3 years to complete, Alex Chacon shows us what it’s like to travel 36 countries in 600 days in selfie form, underwater, up in the air, on a camel and with a lion!

We see a few landmarks that we know, can you spot them all, nomads?

So it’s decided, we’re off to travel the world!!!

Photo credited here.

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