5 must visit Perth coffee shops

Australia has an undeniably refined coffee culture with trendy neighbourhoods such as Melbourne’s Fitzroy and Sydney’s Newtown often getting all the attention. But Western Australia is piquing the interests of caffeine-connoisseurs all over the world, especially in the capital, Perth.

Perth’s buzzing coffee culture extends beyond incredible coffee and into reimagined café spaces and expert baristas. Here are five Perth-based cafes you need to check out, if not for the delicious coffee, then definitely for their Instagrammability factor.

#1 Voodoo Coffee

Bare-bricked, filament-bulb lit and oozing gothic charm is Voodoo Coffee in Perth’s CBD. They claim to be masters of Gris-Gris, Hoodoo, and Juju, this we can’t confirm, but they’re certainly masters of the brew brew.

With three types of brew, all named after Loa, the Gods praised by the Haitian Voodoo religion and divine selection of cakes, pastries and bagels, Voodoo Coffee has been carving out a name for itself on Perth’s coffee scene since it’s September 2018 opening.
Voodoo coffee also pioneered the late-night-brew in Perth city centre staying open until 10pm.

Find it here: 300 Murray St, Perth, Australia. Mon–Fri, 6am–10pm; Sat–Sun, 8am–10pm. 

#2 Gordon Street Garage Café

This West-Perth café used to be a mechanic’s shop, hence the name, and shift manager Scout told WanderLuxe that people still occasionally phone up and ask for a new tyre.

But long gone are the spanners. Now, Gordon Street Garage Café is all about inhouse coffee roasting, sourcing local ingredients for its mouth-watering menu and creating one of the coolest spaces in Perth.

The café is flooded with natural light and the industrial-meets-cosy design of the seating areas adds to the charm of this place. While everything is a little quirky at Gordon Street Garage Café including the farm-to-table menu, it’s the eye-catching coffee roasting machine behind the counter that makes it truly unique.

Find it here: 16 Gordon St, West Perth, Australia. Mon–Fri, 7am–9pm; Sat–Sun, 8am–3pm. 

#3 Max & Sons

Whether you’re a regular or first timer, the baristas at Max & Sons will make you feel like you’re part of the family. The quirk of this coffee shop is the super sociable baristas who care about you just as much as the coffee they are brewing.

“We pride ourselves on sharing the best experiences with friends, and treating everybody with unconditional positive regard,” barista Ash told us. Every cup of Max & Sons’ coffee is brewed to an exact recipe through Five Sense Coffee filtering and served with a genuine smile. The baristas have also been known to sing to the customers, so if you’re in need of a pick-me-up, head here.

Find it here: 140 William St, Perth, Australia. Mon–Fri, 6.30am–4.30pm; closed Sat & Sun.

#4 The Secret Garden Café & Patisserie

Behind the tempting array of freshly baked goods and endless smiles from the baristas is an enchanting garden, adorned with vibrant flora, a goldfish pond and a tiny wooden bridge.

The woven vines above the garden area create natural shade and the trickle of the fountain creates a tranquil atmosphere. The Secret Garden Café & Patisserie is a hidden gem which promises to whisk customers and their cappuccinos to a serene place away from the bustling city.

Find it here: 64 Angelo St, South Perth, Australia. Mon–Fri, 7.30am–4.30pm;  Sat–Sun, 7.30am–5pm.

#5 Duck Duck Bruce

If you’re exploring Fremantle and in need of a rest, pop into Duck Duck Bruce for some silky Five Sense coffee, a slice of homemade cake or a plate of eye-rolling-ly good seafood.

Housed in a quaint little cottage, Duck Duck Bruce feels like your own home as soon as you walk through the doors and the gorgeous, flora-filled garden will have you wishing it was.

It’s all about ambience, great coffee and friendly hospitality as Duck Duck Bruce, and with all those attributes flawlessly accounted for, all that is left to do is sip a brew in the snippets of Australian sun which shine through the overhead hessian canopies.

Find it here: 18 Collie St, Fremantle, Australia. Mon–Fri, 6.30am–3pm; Sat–Sun, 7am–3pm. 

Words by Holly Patrick. 

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