#NomadsOnTheGo: Villa-Hopping in Samui Part 2

This week, #NomadsOnTheGo take us to two amazing Samui villas!

Last week, Samui welcomed our Nomads on the Go with an unbeatable view—The View, that is! But 3 days and 2 nights in paradise were not all there was to it. #ThatVillaLife must go on, and after all, Samui has many more luxurious villas to offer, glittering beaches to discover, and exciting attractions to try!

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Photo by Khun Roman

For their second stop, our Nomads on the Go headed to Ban Sairee: a 4-9 bedroom and bathroom villa along the Laem Sor shoreline. Spanning a vast 3 acres that includes a white sand beachfront and green grass as far as the eyes can see, the ambiance is an open invite to stretch your legs, strike a yoga pose or two, and dive right into the water.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Nature needs #nofilter


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Is it possible for real grass to be this green? That was the first thought our guests had, taking in the villa’s details. The whole walk up to the driveway (and every inch of the villa grounds!) is a calming, healthy shade of green, immediately setting the tone for a refreshing stay.

After a little outdoor exploration, you’ll find that walking barefoot in this villa is not a bad idea at all. Aside from the soft grass, the private beachfront is easily accessible—no stairs or long paths in the way—with rows and rows of coconut trees greeting you as you make your way through the property.

VILLA’S BEST FEATURE: Rustic tropical vibes

Photo by Khun Roman


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There’s something about the right use of wood that makes places feel just like home. Add Ayutthaya-style design into the mix and you’ll get Ban Sairee’s downright beautiful interiors (just look at that soft, glowy light!). Another big plus is the set-up: there are a number of sub villas to choose from, each its own brand of cozy, so you can find the right space that suits your party.


When the sea is calling in a place as beautiful as Ban Sairee, there’s really no other choice. The private beach is your own recluse, complete with beach chairs, a hammock, and a swing for hanging out. You can dip your toes, work on that tan, order a drink, grab some snacks—honestly, with how beautiful it is, you’ll be finding reasons to stay even longer!

MUST-TRY AT THE VILLA: All. The. Activities.


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What will it be: breakfast with a view, an in-house massage, tennis rally at the private court, a dip in the pool, table tennis, kayaking, or yoga? All this space means unlimited possibilities, and you won’t notice time pass when you’re giving them all a try!


Photo by Gain
Photo by Gain

Since Ban Sairee can make boat rental arrangements from the villa, it’s easy to make plans to see Samui’s islands. Our nomads woke up bright and early for a boat ride with Blue Voyage, Thailand’s #1 Yacht Charter Company. A half day trip took them to Koh Mudsum, otherwise known as the Bahamas of Thailand. They even got to visit the one-of-a-kind Pig Beach! Check out the yachts here.



Photo by Khun Roman

Samui takes villa living to a whole other level, and our Nomads had the pleasure of finding out just why at third and last stop: Villa Akatsuki. Rumor has it that they’re still daydreaming about this modern beachfront villa to this very day, and really—who can blame them?


Photo by Khun Roman

If Villa Akatsuki doesn’t already take your breath away at first glance, then the expert welcome might just do the trick. Entering the property feels like checking in to a luxe Japanese town, down to the butterfly pea honey lemon welcome drink and cold towel for refreshment. Little details really elevate the whole experience.

Meanwhile, sleek interiors make it easy to let yourself feel comfortable. The aesthetic maintains a chic and cozy vibe without being intimidating at all.

VILLA’S BEST FEATURE: 5-star view of the 5 Islands

Photo by Khun Roman

The private beach guarantees that this jaw-dropping scene is all yours. And yes, the villa’s vantage point gives you an unobstructed view of the 5 Islands at any given time, but don’t get us started on the sunsets. The sea, the clouds, the waves, all of it feels straight out of a dream.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: Beachside sunset dinner

Photo by Khun Roman
Photo by Ann Arisaw

The thing about Villa Akatsuki is, everything there is harmonious. So, a beachside sunset dinner doesn’t just mean a good view. It means every element, from the service, to the the buffet-style moogata (Thai barbecue with seafood platter) down to the weather, perfectly complements the whole affair. Nomad tip: the in-house Banoffee is the best ever, decided unanimously!

MUST-TRY AT THE VILLA: Private en-suite onsen

Nothing better represents the harmonious fusion of Thai hospitality and Japanese tradition than this iconic private onsen, right in the master bedroom. A nice, warm soak will do wonders for your mind and soul.

LOCAL ACTIVITY: Kayaking and paddle-boarding

Photo by Khun Roman

Not every holiday is blessed with a location as spectacular as this. Take advantage of the soft white sand, calm waters, and picturesque backdrop by trying kayaking, paddle-boarding, and other water sports. The villa already comes with all the equipment needed, and as expected, all you need to do is ask.

Photo by Ronny Brouwers

After a week of non-stop villa-hopping, sunset-catching, seafood-eating and Instagramming, our Nomads On The Go finally call it a wrap! Nothing like a holiday in Samui to help you recharge, unwind, and stay inspired. See you at the next holiday!

Your own Samui getaway. How does that sound? Let’s go!

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