Luxe Stay: Iniala Beach House in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket has a lot to offer: Big Buddha, Bangla Road, beaches and all. What it now has, with Iniala Beach House on the map, is a villa dreamed into life. In the ‘who’s who’ of the hotel world, Iniala Beach House is Beyonce. Once you’ve seen its glittering pool and sci-fi structures, you’re likely to never covet another villa goal.

To get here, you first fly to Phuket airport, where your driver greets and takes you on a 25-minute drive north to Natai Beach. And then the fun ensues.

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Iniala was first the holiday home of founder Mark Weingard. After the Tsunami floods left the home along Natai Beach in ruins, he completely restored the place and turned it into undoubtedly one of the most luxurious villas in the entire world.

More than just a luxury home away, Weingard set up a charitable foundation called Inspirasia, that receives 10% of all booking revenues and 5% of other revenues. These funds, along with all efforts of the charity, aid in education and health projects, as well as helping the disabled community across Thailand, Indonesia and India.


The Iniala guest is a brand in itself; affluential, glamorous, and in search of a paradise off the radar. With little but fields around the enclave, guests love it. And that includes the Kardashian-Jenner clan… if the name rings a bell.

Iniala is nothing if not distinctive, or perhaps, eccentric. The idyllic location does wonders to contribute to the overall look and feel of Iniala, where its futuristic design is elevated by the gorgeous, unspoilt stretch of beach at its doorstep.

And you know, we haven’t reached the suites yet.


Ten bedrooms across three villas and one very fancy penthouse suite take their cues from a pool of ten very renowned designers. The likes of these talents include Joseph Walsh from Ireland, the Brazilian Campana brothers and Brazier Jones, who believe it or not, designed the sets for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey!

Each one of the bedrooms has its own distinct aesthetic, as well as a private spa. A highlight that’ll leave you feeling like a kid again are the soft, spongy floors made from layered rubber and wool, giving your feet the impression of walking on sand.

Iniala is also extremely kid-friendly with their own Kids Hotel, where little Nomads have the luxury of hiding out in pirate-themed bedrooms and jungle-inspired playspaces.


Another thing Iniala does exceptionally well (on top of the design, service, and the list goes on) is its introduction of its on-site restaurant, Esenzi. This new restaurant takes place of the former Aziamendi, setting the standards for what is always sure to be an amazing seafood dinner.

The brainchild of Weingard himself and Executive Chef, Tim Butler, known for helming the kitchen Eat Me in Bangkok. The menu will feature renditions of classic seafood preparations, along with seasonal tasting menus that bring the elements of the ocean right to your table in an elite experience.

A luxe stay, every time. 

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