The Kids Are Alright: Travel Tips for Parents

We’re just full of travel tips for parents! Because we know that kids and wanderlust don’t make for the easiest of mergers — from glares on the plane to finding the perfect destination. Here we compile a list of our favourites to ensure everyone has a great time, and for parents, a rejuvenating holiday.

#1 “What’s the Limit on Your Check-In Weight?”

This just wont do.
This just wont do.

The situation: Your suitcase can only fit so many diapers and of course, there’s no leaving Mr. Cuddles behind!

The solution: It’s not a toss-up between packing five bikinis and bottle detergent. You know your priorities (baby, obviously!), and luckily for parents, First Luggage VIP and Carry My Luggage do too. The angels at Babies Travel Lite can also deliver the essentials straight to your villa.

#2 “Does my baby get carry-on allocation?”

Can't even right now.
Can’t even right now.

The situation: It’s a legit question and you’d like to know.

The solution: Not unless your kid is above two years of age, but these super cute backpacks get the green light at any age, and they’re good for a juice box, animal crackers, and a diaper for good measure. Word to the wise, pull bags are a cruel joke when you end up carrying it awkwardly over your shoulder.

#3 “Visa? What Visa?”

Yes you do, you cutie you!
Yes you do, you cutie you!

The situation: You can hardly remember where you left your keys, let alone your child’s travel documents.

The solution: Make a travel check-list. You’ll find a really handy print out here with all the necessities and then some. Planning ahead can help ensure travel visas are taken care of and everyone’s passports are valid (you forgot to check, didn’t you?)

#4 “Remember What We Talked About?”

Hush little baby.
Hush little baby.

The situation: You’ve got a crier on board. While parents no doubt have developed immunity from the cries of their little ones, other passengers aren’t so lucky.

The solution: One word: iPad. While our generation drew and coloured our way (in and outside of lines) through our childhoods, kids these days have fun at their fingertips, literally. Our personal favourite is the PINKFONG app. Be warned, the songs are very catchy.

#5 “Don’t Touch That!”

No, Timmy, no!
No, Timmy, no!

The situation: What appears to be a world-class playground to your kids looks like a bacteria-infested nightmare to you, and it probably is.

The solution: Hand sanitiser and baby wipes. While some may call you paranoid, only a mother will truly understand the worry. Clean everything from cutlery to toilet seats, and hey, you don’t want your kid drinking tap water either, that’s fine – better safe than sorry.

#6 “This is An Original Da Vinci!”

But don't trust a kid with your iPhone. Trust us.
But don’t trust a kid with your iPhone. Trust us.

The situation: You’re soaking up the culture but the little one? Not so much.

The solution: Get your mini nomad postcards from each destination and have them write messages on each one. They’ll have a lovely scrapbook to relive the memories when their older! Here’s a great tip: give them a kid-friendly camera and you’ll love looking at the intrinsic and overlooked things that interest a child.  Like trucks (true story).

#7 “Are There Nuts in This? NAAAHHTTSS?”

When in doubt (and not vegetarian), go with fish and chips.
When in doubt (and not vegetarian), go with fish and chips.

The situation: Your kid’s got some serious allergies.

The solution: Do some Google-ing (can this be a word, already?) beforehand and take note of the local cuisine and where that might be a problem for children with specific food requirements, or fussy eaters. Allergy UK produces cards in 27 different languages. See, parenthood isn’t paranoia!

#8 “It’s Your Turn to Carry the Baby, Honey.”

Prams are just so comfy cosy.

The situation: You miss the convenience of your Bugaboo.

The solution: Again, it’s always better to have your accommodation and destination sussed out virtually before making any bookings. Family-friendly villas (you’re welcome) are extremely accommodating for things like prams, extra cots and such.

#9 “Pick up the Pace, Baby!”

And sometimes you have to keep up with them!
And sometimes you have to keep up with them!

The situation: You’re a tedious planner, but the kids have an agenda of their own.

The solution: Take your time. Hey, a holiday is meant for kicking back, after all. Forget scheduling each potty break, each nap time and each sight-see. Have the essentials like snacks and the ‘poo kit’ (parents will know this one) with you at all times, and let the Rusk crumbs fall where they will.

 #10 “Is it Nap Time Already?”

Let's keep this post PG13.
Let’s keep this post PG13.

The situation: Mummy and daddy need their uhm, alone time too.

The solution: If your villa doesn’t offer baby-sitting services, then you’re going to have to put the little one to sleep first. Too much excitement from all that postcard-writing and picture-taking can make sleep time a real chore. There’s really only one way for parents to get around this: pretend to be asleep. Hey, we’ve all done it!

Round up the fam bam, its due time for a getaway

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