How to survive travelling as a couple, by a couple who’ve made it their job

Selena and Jacob are living their best lives, a fact you’ll know if you follow them on their wildly inspiring Instagram, @finduslost. Two years ago, the couple packed in their LA jobs and moved to Europe for a life of travel, inspiration and beautiful photography (and a wedding along the way!). They’ve since whirled through countless destinations around the world, but it wasn’t always easy – being 24/7 on the road with your partner may be something a lot of us dream of, but it’s not a decision to take lightly. Selena and Jacob tell us how they made the decision, the compromises they’ve made and advice for other would-be traveller couples.

When you decided to leave your jobs and move to Europe, was it a decision you made as a couple or was there some persuasion involved?
Selena: Definitely lots of persuasion. I was planting the seed for a couple years before we actually committed to setting a date and going for it.

How would you describe your individual travelling styles? 
Selena: We’re different, but in the best ways! Jacob is more relaxed and leaves all the planning to me, which works out perfectly. We are spontaneous when we can be, and always manage to hit most of the places on our “must-see” list when we travel (and then some).

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What compromises have you had to make for each other while travelling? 
Selena: We’ve been travelling full-time the last three months and it’s been a completely new learning experience. You could say we were ‘all in’ when we made this decision, and we both ended up pretty burnt out. We haven’t spent more than four days in one place for months!

Jacob: Now, we’re trying to do a better job of prioritising our down time and allowing ourselves to decompress. Travelling non-stop is great, but you want to allow yourself the time to reflect on your experience and soak it all in.

“Travelling non-stop is great, but you want to allow yourself the time to reflect on your experience and soak it all in”

Have you learnt new things about each other after travelling together for so long?
Selena: Jacob hates when I say this, but he “loooves drama”. Hah! It’s an inside joke, but what I really mean is he can’t look away or ignore when something is happening in a public space. We were recently boarding a ferry and a woman got in a dispute with a member of staff who was removing her family from the ferry. He has an incredible sense of social responsibility, and will always try to diffuse the situation. I love him for it.

Jacob: Selena can get up at any time of day or night if it means there will be beautiful light for a photo. I’ve never met someone so inspired by the places she visits, she is always visibly excited every time we arrive in a new place. Having that energy around when you’re travelling is incredible, it reminds me to always appreciate the experiences we have together.

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What’s your favourite thing about travelling together?
Jacob: Sharing experiences with one another always makes them more valuable. All of my favourite travel experiences are things I’ve been able to share with Selena. I also love that we push each other to continue to seek out new places and experiences. It can be easy to fall into a groove when traveling and she always finds new things for us to try.

What’s been your joint favourite destination?
Selena: We both agree: Slovenia. It was the biggest surprise for us, we absolutely loved the landscapes and the trendy town of Ljubljana.

Jacob: We went in Spring but would love to go back in winter so we can see Lake Bled in the snow.

What advice would you give couples who have never travelled together?
Selena: There’s something special about travelling with your significant other, because you’re usually seeing places for the first time through both your eyes and theirs. It’s amazing and makes for some incredible memories. On the other hand, you’ll spend more time with that person likely than ever before — prepare to make some adjustments, and be extra understanding of their needs. And don’t assume other couples travelling together are perfect. They’re not, and that’s okay!

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