Best Kept Secret: The Most Exotic Jungle Paradise

Think virgin forestland, private beaches and coves, numerous white sand islands and an abundance of natural resources. Nope, we’re not talking about Thailand nor Sri Lanka nor Costa Rica. Can anyone make a wild guess?

We have our sight set on San Vicente, located in Palawan, Philippines. Rumour has it that San Vic, as it is fondly called by those who have already discovered this exotic haven, is the next IT destination for long stretches of white sand beaches, island hopping, mountain biking and waterfall trekking. Development is still at the grassroots level, and this coastal and island community is something to watch out for.




Pie Alvarez, the current mayor of San Vicente, describes this paradise in three words: Beautiful, Raw and Lush.

We heard that there’s a secret beach called Emergency Point, with crystal blue waters and boulders as big as houses, and a 14.7 kilometre stretch of sand aptly called Long Beach.

Move over, Phuket. San Vic is gorgeous and we’d love to see more of it!

*Photos courtesy of Mayor Pie Alvarez


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