The 7 types of Bali tourists and how to dress like them

Looking for some last-minute, no-fuss Halloween costume ideas? We’ve rounded up the most typical types of tourists you see in Bali for you to mimic.

#1 The Bali Basic Bitch

The most common species of tourists in Bali.

Wears: Floaty fruit print dress, or off the shoulder top and denim cut-offs, basket bag, tie up sandals. Bonus points if you’re holding a smoothie bowl.

Most often seen at: Motel Mexicola, Kynd Community or Neon Palms.

#2 The Instahoe

An elevated version of the Bali Basic Bitch.

Wears: Everything the BBB wears, but from luxury brands.

Most often seen at: Omnia Dayclub Bali.

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#3 The Earth Mother/Hippie Dude

Spiritual and loves everything about nature.

Bali earth mother
The Bali Agenda: To become one with nature. Photo: Jane Palash/Unsplash

Wears: Shapeless cotton/linen dress thing, layered necklaces, dreadlocks, no shoes, hemp tote bags.

Most often seen at: Temples, holy springs, beaches, hiking in the rainforests.

#4 The Backpacker

Mostly likely has an Australian accent.

Bali tourists Halloween costume
To be fair, backpacks are far more practical than the super popular round woven bags. Photo: Artem Bali/Unsplash

Wears: Bintang singlets, boardshorts or harem pants, backpacks (obviously), bikinis.

Most often seen at: Kuta beach (great for backpackers and travellers on a budget), many other tourist hotspots like the Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

#5 The Instagram Husband/Boyfriend

You either know one, have one, or are one.

Instagram husband
The one time he’s in a photo, and his eyes are closed. Photo: Eirik Skarstein/Unsplash

Wears: Doesn’t matter what he’s wearing, no one’s there to take a photo of him.

Most often seen at: Wherever BBB or Instahoe is.

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#6 The Surfer

Sometimes confused with the backpacker except when carrying a surfboard.

Wears: Bikinis, boardshorts, sometimes confused with the backpacker except when carrying a surfboard.

Most often seen at: Echo Beach, Bingin Beach.

The Wellness Junkie

Is in Bali specifically for a wellness retreat.

Wears: Sports bra, tank top, leggings, carrying a yoga mat.

Most often seen at: At aforementioned wellness retreat, any café with a healthy menu, or striking a yoga pose wherever possible.

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