5 Seriously Cool Things to Do in India (Besides Yoga)

Been there, done that, and yoga-ed your heart out? India has a lot more to offer — you’d be surprised! We were, and we can’t wait to check luxe-do’s off our bucket list. So pick your abode and let’s see India together in a whole new way.

#1 Snorkel with an Elephant

Rajan swimmer elephant
You’ll never be this cool and you know it.

Go here: Havelock Island in the Andaman 

And do this: Bathing elephants is so rest-of-Southeast-Asia. Here you can snorkel with one, and he’s called Rajan. Turning 60 this year, Rajan lives a life of serious envy. He spends the mornings just roaming about, afternoons having a dip in the ocean an using his trunk as a snorkel, the navigates his fun self into deeper waters. There are corals and abundant marine life to gawk at, but seriously, you’re snorkeling with an elephant. Game over, corals.

#2 Play a Game of Polo

This could be you. With like, lots of practice.

Go here: Hamptons  Jaipur Riding & Polo Club

And do this: Express surprise at the fact that Polo orignates from India. (What? How? When?). The club was founded one of India’s most well-known polo players, Col K.S Garcha. Here you can play against the resident team during the polo season in October, but if you need to develop some mad skills first, you can learn by taking clinics at the club. Ah shucks, left your stick and ball back at home? You can rent or buy it all at the club.

#3 Drink Wine at India’s Own Napa Valley

thirsty3-771x515 (1)
Some good advice: don’t challenge an Indian to a wine-off.

Go here: Nashik, Western India

And do this: Take a personal tour at the Sula Vineyards. It’s some pretty luxe stuff! One of their friendly tour guides will take you through the whole process, from grape-stomping to the good stuff — a tasting while they teach you how swirl, sniff and sip wine in that order, like a sir. Visit the vineyard during the harvest and crush season from January to March for the best experience. Then wonder why Indian wine doesn’t take up a whole page of any respectable restaurant’s wine menu.

#4 Rappel down a Waterfall

Would you? If you’re going “heck yeah”, you’ll enjoy this list.

Go here: Vihigaon, Maharashtra

And do this: Do exactly that, rappel down  a waterfall, and wonder why you thought it was a good idea. Only kidding! It’s a must-do for adrenaline junkies, and anyone looking to buff-up their collection cool travel stories. (“One time I rappelled down-” “SURE, but did you rappel down an Indian waterfall??”) So if you’re hooked on the idea, take a trip to the small village with Nature Knights. The village is becoming a major tourist attraction so you might even make a few new friends.

#5 Spa on a Boat

Ding ding! Do we hear wedding bells?

Go here: Lake Pichola in Udaipur

And do this: Get a deep tissue massage on the Jiva Spa Boat. Okay, that’s downplaying the experience. GO ON THE ROYAL SPA JOURNEY ON A FLOATING PALACE THEY CALL A BOAT. For three whole hours, you get to “savour the flavour of Mewar Khas”, a pre-bathing ritual practiced by Indian Royalty in preperation for their big wedding day. Then you’ve got a body scrub, and relaxing oil-massage. Sounds like you’d drift off to sleep, but the captain should wake you before you float out to sea.

To India and beyond we go

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