Dealbreaker: 5 Couple Trips You Should Take Before Marriage

Travel (like weddings) tends to bring out the worst in people, so it’s both a great and damning thing – just watch Amazing Race! Here are 5 couple trips you should take before you tie that knot…

#1 Camping*

Rain or shine, you'll know whether they'll be there for you.
Rain or shine, you’ll know whether they’ll be there for you.

Why: Being in the great outdoors is not only awesome for the sunshine and the fresh air, but it’s always a good idea to put your relationship in a completely new setting, out of both your comfort zones. Unless of course… you guys are the Bear Grylls of couples, then you’ve already found The One.

What will it show: Roughing and toughing it will show how much grit, resolve and perseverance each person has. Opportunity providing, the trip might also show what he/she will do in the face of danger and what kind of character they have.

*note: not glamping

#2 Long Road Trips (with friends)


Why: You see how they interact with your closest bunch of buddies, and you let them become friends with each other. This way, there’ll be no couple vs friend time and you can have the best of both worlds.

Warning: This can be a double-edged sword in case you break up; you stand to lose both!

What will it show: This is possibly the best way to demonstrate their willingness to integrate into your life, especially if your friends are radically different from theirs. It might bring out some ugly fights if the wrong toes are tread on, but at least it will bring out budding issues sooner rather than later.

#3 Missionary Trip

Because a kind heart is as rare and precious as gold.
Because a kind heart is as rare and precious as gold.

Why: Take a leaf from Brangelina’s book; a couple that does missionary together, stays together. Often in less ideal conditions, you’ll get to see them under pressure, while still being charitable.

What will it show: How big their heart is, for one! There’s no place for insincerity here. Preferably head to war-stricken, dangerous territories where resources are limited to test their improvisation and mettle. Can’t fly out to a war-zone? Call up the closest charity/homeless shelter and spend the day  together. It’s amazing how much you can learn about the other person, and yourself.

#4 Scenic Trips with the Folks

It could go very very wrong, but it also could go very very right. ;)
It could go very very wrong, but it also could go very very right. 😉

Why: Because your parents are the first ones you’ll have to convince. You’re not going to have a good time if your folks don’t get along with your prospective spouse, or your significant other doesn’t respect them, so what better way than to go on a scenic trip? You win because a) your folks will appreciate the gesture b) it makes for excellent bonding opportunities c) you’ll find out sooner rather than later what your partner thinks of your family.

What will it show: Whether everyone comes out alive after spending a prolonged period of time together. It will reveal any clashing beliefs and most importantly, the ability to be patient enough to not piss anyone off.

#5 To Las Vegas

What's your poison?
What’s your poison?

Why: Remember that reality show ‘Temptation Island’?! Temptation is the single deadliest enemy to a relationship and if yours survives it, weathering other problems should be a breeze.

What will it show: The presence (or lack thereof) greed, covetousness, and the uncloaking of (if any) possible vices. Basically, find out if they’re a raging alcoholic, druggie, gambler or a super unfaithful partner.

Where have you gone with your special someone, nomads?

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