5 Cheats To Getting Killer Scenery Shots

You’ve  woken up at 4am, jet-lagged, and somehow by work of miracle dragged yourself out of bed to catch the much hyped sunrise at Angkor Wat. Now, if only these pesky people would just get out of your way to the Pulitzer…

#1 Size matters

Wonder if these lenses come with spikes to give the Moses effect....
Wonder if these lenses come with spikes to give the Moses-parting-sea effect….

Move around with big flailing actions and open up your tripod with the loudest ‘SCHICKKK’ you can manage, (without breaking it) pack all your stuff in to your camera bag so it looks like you’ve got heaps of equipment to shoot with and they’ll get intimidated.

#2 Look like a pro

You can talk the talk, but you don't have the walk the walk.
Even pros have Instagram accounts, you know!

Sunglasses chucked in tousled hair and unshaven faces (for the guys), uncombed hair (for the ladies). And don’t forget that air of self-entitlement. We joke. Avoid looking like you have trouble turning on your camera and mutter terms like “ISO” under your breath and people will get out of your way. This cheat works with #1 and #3.

#3 Buy/borrow/bribe an assistant

Stop, in the name of love, you're about to photobomb...
Stop! In the name of love, you’re about to photobomb…

Have your travel buddy make himself a human traffic policeman, directing all the people behind you instead of in front. The people on the other side will hopefully get the idea.

#4 Use Photoshop

Photoshop was invented to remove flaws. Like your derpy best friend.
Photoshop was invented to remove flaws. Like your derpy best friend.

We don’t mean trying to work painstakingly with the patch tool, we mean taking about 20 photos of the same landmark and merging them photos together to effectively eliminate the human element. Here’s how to do it.

#5 Fuss-free

This ain't no rocket science, man!
This ain’t no rocket science, man!

So you don’t have a massive DSLR and want to get a people-free shot at the Angkor Wat with your iPhone. This app will help. Here’s an alternative if you’re on Android.

What are your best tips on getting the best scenery shots, nomads? 

Main photo credit: 1.

Photo credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 

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