Café del Mar Bali GM Kirk Bouffard on Bali and the Best of the Ibiza-Styled Beach Club

It’s hard not to envy someone who gets to live each day in a paradise like Bali. It’s even harder not to envy the people that shape our experiences on the island, people like Kirk Bouffard. The General Manager of the newly opened Café del Mar Bali, the new flagship of the iconic Ibiza beach club, Kirk not only gets to live the Bali experience day-in and day-out, but he also runs the show.

Kirk Bouffard

As we can’t get enough of the ultra-luxe 10,000 square-metre, two-level beachfront pool club in Canggu with its stellar sunset views, oversized infinity pool, and seriously chill vibe, we chatted with Kirk and got his take on all things Café del Mar. Here, he tells us about his favourite spots at the beach club, what you should most definitely be ordering when you’re there and the events he’s most looking forward to.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you ended up at Café del Mar?   

I began in the hospitality industry when I was 14 as a pot washer, put myself through college bartending and then ended up moving to Las Vegas to open Pure Nightclub, which is now Omnia. I spent time working in the Bahamas, Singapore and now wonderful Bali!

What’s a typical day in the life for you at Café del Mar like? 

Much of my day is spent planning with the team at this point as we look to plan for 2020!

How has being the GM lived up to your expectations? Is there any one thing that’s surprised you about the role?

Handling a new venue is always very exciting, and this one is no different in that way… I have been incredibly surprised by how well our soft opening went in terms of operations; our team did an amazing job opening the venue and introducing us to the public.

There’s an abundance of beach clubs on the island, what makes Café del Mar special? 

Most people would immediately notice our overall architectural design which is truly unlike anything on the island.

What event are you most looking forward to in the coming months? 

Our November line-up is looking solid, but I am most excited for our NYE and New Year’s Day events which we will announce very soon!

About the club, do you have a favourite spot? 

Hard to choose just one but if I had to, it would be the Restaurant Al Fresco area, which offers amazing views of the pool/stage but also an incredible vantage point for our incredible sunsets.

What should one order when at the club?

Any of our Café del Mar Sangria options are absolutely necessary.

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Getting away from Café del Mar, do you have a secret corner of the island you like to retreat to? 

Right now, my villa.  I am looking forward to getting some downtime soon to explore all of the amazing secret spots I know that Bali has to offer.

What’s one thing everyone should experience when in Bali? 

The traffic…kidding, you don’t have a choice on that one…our sunsets are a must.

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From life in the States, Singapore, Bahamas and more, and now to Bali – you lived all over, so how would you say the Balinese lifestyle compares to the rest of the world? 

Bali is truly a gem to me, while the traffic might be hectic; the pace of island life is great…the people are so incredibly warm and inviting. It is hard to not fall in love with it here.

You live in paradise, so, to you, what is a vacation? 

Every day.

Find your way to paradise. 

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