We Could Be Vacationing On the Moon in 100 Years

Underwater cities in bubbles, skyscrappers 25 floors below ground level, 3-day work weeks, and nomads on the moon. Those are just some of the scenarios imagined by the Smart Things Future Living Report, completed by space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, futurist architects Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess and urbanists Linda Aitken and Els Leclerq.

City life

First let’s talk about our possible new address. The submerged self-sustainable bubble is equipped with 3D printed houses, schools and offices (but note the 3-day working week). It’s self-sustainable because it uses the ocean’s water to supply itself with oxygen and generate hydrogen fuel.

Drones will fly your home to your holiday destination

Then there’s a whole new level of renting out luxury homes for your holiday. Since we’re always looking for a home away from home, how about you just bring yours with you? There’s a drone that carries your bubble abode to your destination. Will “pack your bags” be a phrase never to be heard again? The report also suggests that drones will be a standard mode of transportation.

But are these 3D homes really worth the destination drone-ride? Seemingly so. They feature LED surfaces that automatically adapt and reconfigure the inhabitants’ changing moods. Also a possibility are health diagnoses pods installed inside every home which would supply medication.

The future of skyscappers

We’re not entirely sure if you can bring your home all the way to the moon. While the report seems to be a bit of a stretch, we just don’t see the drone making it all the way to space with a group of 10 off to celebrate a bachelors party weekend. Save those moon getaways for 2116 when experts predict that humans will have colonised planets.

We hate to burst your bubble but you might have forgotten that none of us will be around in 100 years. Suddenly luxury jets and 5-star villas seem so mundane.

Or do they?

 Photo credits: Samsung Smart Future Living Report

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