This week in travel: You could hire the world’s first ever travel PA

It’s bad manners to keep a vacation waiting…

These giant lily pads are back in town

Who: One for nature lovers.

Where: Paraguay.

What: After a ten year or so hiatus, the victoria cruziana has reappeared in the Salado River. These lily pads were declared endangered with one of the causes being tourists fishing them out of the water. They grow up to a diameter of more than five meters and bloom for only 48 hours at a time. For a chance to see them up close, the town of Piquete Cue has started offering boat rides up the river.

A hotel made of ice caught on fire 

Hôtel de Glace

Who: Several guests were treated at a nearby hospital for smoke inhalation.

Where: Hôtel de Glace in Quebec, Canada.

What: A contained fire broke out in one of the 45 guest rooms of the ice hotel. Luckily, all guests were able to exit the building immediately and no one was seriously hurt. “When I received the phone call they had to repeat twice that there was a fire in the ice hotel,” manager Jacques Desbois told CBC. The cause of the fire is still unclear, and Desbois would not confirm that it started when a candle fell on a guest’s sleeping bag.

A pilot scammed an airline out of almost USD30,000

Who: A Cathay Pacific pilot.

Where: Canada.

What: Now found guilty, the pilot had been redeeming free flights on Air Canada using fraudulent codes in 2013. These codes were obtained from a friend who used a shopper program that gives out refunds for flights booked after completing reviews. He would then use the promotional codes without completing reviews, to book and sell of flights to acquaintances. The pilot has been ordered to pay back a full restitution and complete 20 hours of community service.

The ‘world’s first travel assistant’ will travel with you

Who: Henna Rinnekangas, founder of

Where: From Finland,

What: For such a wonderful privilege, organising travel plans can sure be a pain. If you need assistance, and a buddy to hang out with as you globe trot, Rinnekangas is your girl. But a girl’s gotta eat, so you will need to pay for all her travel expenses in exchange for her worldly knowledge (she’s been to over 40 countries) and her ‘fun, crazy presence’. Rinnekangas tells the Daily Mail, “I will do my best to give these people the sparkle to experience the adventure of their lives. At the same time, I get to do something I love – travel. My dream has always been to make my living on travelling.”

A villa for the books (or travel journal)

Who: Groups of up to 10.

Where: Villa Devine in Santorini, Greece.

What: Or rather, why: front row sunset views, space which is often scarce in the caldera’s residences, and impeccable service. The interior design follows the Cycladic minima lines, while space, white expressions, wood and some grey touches create a marvellous example of minimalism done right.

 Image credit: Main3

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