This Week in Travel: Planes, Trains & Floating Contraptions?

#1 Frenchman journeys across Atlantic – in a barrel

Image from Jean-Jacques Savin Facebook

Where: From the Canary Islands to Martinique

What: 72-year-old Jean-Jacques Savin completed a trans-Atlantic crossing from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean in a barrel-shaped capsule. He had no engine nor paddle and instead relied entirely on ocean currents to aid his journey. The Frenchman spent 122 days at sea before arriving in the Caribbean.

The capsule was made of resin-coated plywood and was three-metres long and 2.1 metres-wide. All up it had a weight of 450 kilograms. If that doesn’t sound fun, it gets “better”. Jean-Jacques survived entirely on freeze-dried meals, freshly caught fish and any supplies that were offered to him by passing ships.

Which begs the question, WHY?!

#2 Qantas & the zero-waste flight

Image from Qantas

Where: Sydney to Adelaide

What: In a move we LOVE, Qantas has officially trialled a world-first zero waste flight. The airline currently produces the equivalent of “80 fully-laden Boeing 747 jumbos” of waste per year across its operations. This first zero waste flight is part of a mission to cut the use of 100 million plastic items from its planes by 2020.

Amenities and food containers on board consisted of biodegradable packaging made of sugar care, crop starch and paper. Once used, these products will be turned to compost and distributed across Australian farms and gardens.

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#3 Dream Job? This floating bar in the Caribbean needs a bartender

Image from Joe Pepler/ PinPep

Where: A wooden shack bar in Jamaica

What: Floyd’s Pelican Bar needs a lucky UK resident to bartend for a week while the owner enjoys his first holiday in 18 years. Job requirements include chatting to locals and tourists, throwing fish to pelicans, managing the bar’s playlist, smiling at passing boats, and commuting to the bar via paddleboard.

Dubbed one of the world’s coolest bars, Floyd’s will be providing the role’s successful candidate with return flights, seven nights’ accommodation, and £1,000 spending money.

If this is your idea of a dream gig, you can apply at Virgin Holidays.

#4 Japan tests the world’s fastest-ever bullet train

Photo from Bloomberg

Where: Between the cities of Aomori and Sendai

What: Japan is testing a new bullet train capable of reaching speeds of 400 kilometres per hour. The Alfa-X, which is scheduled to begin transporting passengers in 2030, will operate at 360 kilometres per hour – 10 kph faster than China’s bullet train, which links Beijing and Shanghai. The train is a crucial part of the plan to offer speedier rail transport to Sapporo – getting you another way to Niseko!

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