This Week in Travel: Flying and a Very Cute Koala

#1 Big Brother? Nope, just Cathay Pacific. 

Photo by Gerrie van der Walt on Unsplash

Cathay Pacific has confirmed that they are recording passengers but only through CCTV cameras installed in their airport lounges, and near the cockpit door for security purposes. They’re also logging your in-flight entertainment usage, but images are not being taken of you while you’re in your seat. This just means there won’t be direct evidence of your seatmate’s gross aeroplane habits though!

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#2 Fly into the future

Photo by Nicholas Santoianni on Unsplash

A French man successfully manoeuvred his self-built hoverboard across the English Channel! Hitting speeds around 100mph and looking a little bit like the second coming, talk about travelling across borders and way into the future. 

#3 This is not a drop bear

Following a nationwide search as well as thousands of comments and shares later, Australia has found its cutest koala joey! One little eucalyptus lover now has the title of being a pretty big deal in the tourism world.

#4 Every effort counts

Photo by Mohammad Saifullah on Unsplash

It’s clear our modern life is accelerating shifts in the environment from erratic weather events to altered wildlife habitats, and more. Finnair is taking measures to reduce CO2 emissions with a biofuel mix made from used cooking oil. This move has the capacity to reduce up to 16 tonnes of the airline’s carbon footprint per flight.

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