This Week In Travel: Komodo & Lion

#1 Stuffy aeroplane cabin? Well, please don’t open the emergency door!

Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

Yes, that’s right. Yet another person has opened the emergency exit of an aeroplane and causing (quite literally) unnecessary delays. Despite the cabin crew warning her against it, she wanted a “breath of fresh air” and decided to press the button the moment the attendant turned away. The flight was held up for an hour. And well, she probably requested fresh air in the detainment room where the police held her also.

#2 Keep out of the lion exhibit. Even if you speak in (animal) tongues.

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And in New York a woman climbed over a safety barrier at the African lion exhibit in the Bronx Zoo. She was seen dancing and waving, almost as if she were taunting (or communicating with) the lion from bystander videos. In spite of the danger, the woman didn’t appear scared nor worried even as the lion stepped closer. The zoo filed a complaint for criminal trespass and fortunately, neither the lion nor the woman was physically harmed during the incident.

#3 Should wildlife be a privilege of the rich?

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

The Indonesian government has been trying to figure out how to protect Komodo Island. Home to dinosaur-like “dragons” and some of the most diverse corals in the world, officials first announced closing the island to tourists altogether in 2020. Pushback from locals citing how devastating the loss of income would be, the new initiative seems to be charging a US$ 1,000 annual premium “membership” to visit the island. If this is passed, it may protect its titular dragons by less exposure to foreigners, but at what cost to the locals?



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