This Week in Travel: People Behaving Poorly

#1 Don’t break the glass, it’s not an emergency

Where: Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport

What: Hordes of C-Drama fans have created a whole lot of chaos at Hongqiao Airport in past, but recently they’ve taken it to a whole new level. On April 20th, over 10 celebrities arrived at the airport and, apparently that was a few celebs too many. The waiting fans broke the glass on escalators and caused havoc in the parking lots.

Authorities have had to issue a warning stating that anyone who comes in the way of public safety can be punished.

Note to self: Never attempt to be a pop star in China.

#2 Bali might be leading the war on plastic

Image from Bintang Supermarket Facebook

Where: Bali supermarket chain, Bintang Supermarket

What: Bintang Supermarket is done with plastics. Bali recently banned one-time-use plastics, but Bintang is taking it one step further. They will no longer be using plastic to package their products! Instead, they will be using banana leaves and bamboo rope. The chain’s operational manager noted that the decision was made as banana leaves are a natural alternative to plastic due to their low price, environmentally-friendly features and the fact that they had been used in Southeast Asia prior to the creation of plastic bags.

Rest of the world, take note!

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#3 Dutch Tulip Growers would like you to stop killing their flowers

Photo by oakie on Unsplash

Where: Tulip fields in the Netherlands

What: We just can’t take a hint. Instagram and selfie-loving millennials are being blamed for damage to tulips around the Netherlands as they enter and walk across the fields. Sick of this, the Dutch tourism board and groups of local tulip growers are fighting back, employing teams and running social media campaigns to keep people out of the fields.

Growers are happy for people to visit, but not for them to go prancing through the fields, as damage to the tulips can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The tourism board is considering the creation of designated ‘selfie spots’ to keep people happy, but out.

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#4 Air New Zealand is making flying with a baby a bit less awful

Image from Air New Zealand

Where: Air New Zealand flights

What: Few enjoy flying with a baby and even less like being stuck next to one. After all, they can’t be reasoned with and are prone to screaming. Air New Zealand, however, is trying to save us all with their Skycouch program. In the Skycouch program, a row of three economy class seats are fitted with an extra footrest that folds up to form a flat couch surface – creating something five feet long and two-and-a-half feet wide. Sheets and pillows are then added to help make it feel like a bed.

Now, to make it more baby-friendly, the airline has added the option of an infant pod insert, complete with a safety harness that allows a baby up to 40 pounds to lay flat throughout the flight.

Unfortunately, this pod takes up two seats, and you have to purchase the entire row to make it work, but it’s a start.

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