#Japow! HK Restaurateur Lindsay Jang on Niseko and its food!

Lindsay Jang, the force behind Hong Kong restaurants Yardbird, RONIN and Sunday’s Grocery, and fashion brand Missbish recently stayed with The Luxe Nomad at Skye Niseko. While there, we had the chance to catch up with the Canadian-born entrepreneur who was on holiday with her family. Read on for Lindsay’s highlights and food tips!

What activities were you (and the family) looking forward to?

I grew up on the mountains, and with snow, so I was super excited for my kids to experience snowboarding and skiing for the first time. It was magical.

Image Courtesy of Lindsay Jang

Any memorable restaurants in Niseko? What did you like most about their food and beverage industry?

Abucha was our favourite!!! We also loved The Alpinist. We spent every afternoon at KUMO for apres-ski highballs; definitely the best part of being so close to the hill!

What were your favourite dishes at Abucha and The Alpinist? 

The tray of Hokkaido uni at Abucha was amazing, and the sukiyaki pot was delicious. The classic fondue was everyone’s favourite at The Alpinist.

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Were there any Niseko dishes you would consider creating something similar to for your own restaurants?

I like the use of local ingredients at Abucha, and I think we try to mimic that ethos at Yardbird and RONIN as much as possible.

What’s one thing one must do/try in Niseko?

Bo-yo-so, if you take the chair lift by the gondola, it’s the BEST lunch spot on the mountain. I ate there twice!

Image Courtesy of Lindsay Jang

Describe your winter style and share some of your favourite looks?

I love being comfortable, so for me, I just layer. Leggings, turtleneck bodysuits, wool socks, cute boots, cropped puffer jackets, etc. Be warm and stylish at the same time! Also, nothing beats a great hat.

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Skiing or snowboarding? Why?

I’m a snowboarder at heart. I grew up doing it, and I worked in the industry for a while. A lot of my longtime friends are from that period in my life; I just love it. Always have, always will.

Image Courtesy of Lindsay Jang

You stayed with The Luxe Nomad at Skye Niseko. What were your first impressions of the suite?

Clean, modern, functional, cosy. Great for our family.

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Was there was anything in particular about your Skye Niseko suite you loved?

The kitchen was awesome. We did shabu shabu in the room for dinner one night, and it was a great space to host guests.

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