Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding & Harry Shum in Bali with The Luxe Nomad

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for the movie adaption of Kevin Kwan’s international best-seller, Crazy Rich Asians. Set to be released in mid-August, the film’s all-Asian star-studded cast includes Fresh Off The Boat‘s Constance Wu, Datuk Michelle Yeoh, Harry Shum Jr. of Glee fame and our very own Celeb Nomad, Henry Golding! Who would’ve predicted a bromance to stir up between Harry and Henry? Along with their two gorgeous wives, the pair recently took a break in Bali, where they checked into a few villas by The Luxe Nomad, took some amazing pictures, and experienced all the magic of the island. WanderLuxe caught up with Harry and Henry for a look back at their favourite Bali memories.

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WanderLuxe: This was a sort of ‘treat yourself’ holiday once you wrapped up filming Crazy Rich Asians. What made you choose Bali?

Henry: Bali is one of those places you can just keep going back to and everything is there; the infrastructure, the culture, the art, the beautiful villas. My wife Liv and I go there quite often because we know that when we do arrive, it’s like an instant holiday.

Harry: For me, everyone I know that has been to Bali – like Henry, for example – has said that it’s one of the most amazing, most spiritual, relaxing places they’ve been to. So when my wife Shelby and I had the opportunity, we just had to go. Next thing you know, we’ve got our bags all packed.

WanderLuxe: Speaking of bags packed, any packing tips for the island life?

Harry: Don’t bring a bunch of luggage with you. A backpack or a duffel is enough to pack light and with the warm weather you really don’t need that much.

Henry: But do remember to bring bug spray with you!

WanderLuxe: After spending so much time working together, what’s it like getting to kick back and travel together?

Henry: Travelling with Harry and Shelby is great, they’re really open to trying new things which worked out perfectly because this time around, we saw some new temples, explored the coastlines, hung out at our villas a lot – it was a bit like seeing Bali through fresh eyes.

Harry: Henry knew the language, he knew the place, he knew the culture… we felt like locals. And you know how you just seem to bump into other friends who you didn’t even know were there too? Even in Bali, we had four other friends who ended up meeting with us.

WanderLuxe: By the looks of your Instagram accounts, you’re both really into photography too. 

Henry: Harry and I are both gadget freaks so it’s nice to have someone just as interested and patient with photography – we had our cameras out for most of the day. He even brought a drone with him!

Harry: Oh yeah, we got some great sunset shots at Tanah Lot. We were geeking out most of the time.

Henry: Bali is the sort of place where you can walk down the street and find something picturesque.

WanderLuxe: Now that you’ve experienced #thatvillalife at Villa Eden, what did you think?

Harry: Every villa was unique. I loved how we got to stay in different parts of Bali and they all had a different vibe or scene. The trip was off to a great start when we stayed at Villa Eden, which was such a charming villa and exactly what you’re looking for in a Seminyak villa. You want somewhere cool, relaxing, and close to all the cafes in town.

WanderLuxe: Bali is one of the best places for food. What are a few places or dishes you’d recommend? 

Henry: La Laguna is my number one spot. It’s on the border of Seminyak and Canggu. It’s so chill and there aren’t too many tourists around… I hate the sort of pumping crowd that a lot of these pool bars have. Then there’s Shaddy Shack in Canggu for really good vegan food! The cafe overlooks paddy files so it’s just so beautiful. We’d go there a lot after yoga. We also went to a pizza joint called Marias many times. The food there is fantastic, I couldn’t recommend it more.

Harry: Nasi goreng was my favourite dish, hands down I had it almost every day. I also liked gado gado and nasi campur. The noodles and the rice, it just felt like the food was so fulfilling and it was made with love and Balinese culture. It exemplified what it means to really make food with love.

WanderLuxe: You guys got to experience a lot in Bali, Henry from the many times on the island and Harry with Henry as a tour guide. What are your must-sees?

Harry: Tanah Lot was just breathtaking; the views, the history and the culture. What was specifically great were the natural skies. Any picture you take can be a perfect picture. The temples were really one of the highlights for me.

Henry: We went to Pura Tirtha Empur, a water temple near the rice terraces which was amazing. It was our first time there and it was magical. You sort of see the creation of the water spring from tales and folklore. It’s great to go with locals who can fill you in on those stories. But we really loved it there.

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