Gift Guide for Her: The Luxest Nomad on the Ski Slopes

For the woman who loves it cold, but only when she’s out on the slopes.

1. Moon Boot Glance, USD 185
2. Perfect Moment Women’s Star Print Ski Suit, USD 960
3. SKIN Mock Neck Crop, USD 185
4. Bogner Fire + Ice Ranja Down Ski Jacket in Neon Orange, USD 598
5. Dragon Alliance X2, USD 310
6. Outdoor Technology Chips 2.0 Universal Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio + Walkie-Talkie, USD 89
7. Perfect Moment Women’s Merino Wool Ski II Sweater, USD 280
8. SKIN The Marina Mallot, USD 200
9. VAARA Live Wide Leg Pant, USD 390
10. FALKE Headbands, USD 102.75
11. GoPro MAX, USD 499.99
12. Lano Everywhere Multi-Cream, USD 13.02

Elisabeth Forsman

Our predictably unpredictable adventure nomad, Elisabeth is the yogi who wants it fast, the ultra-runner who prefers taking a hike, and the swimmer with a fear of lap pools. A consummate lover of all things outdoors, she’s on a perpetual quest to get those around her outside and moving.

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