Totally ethical jewellery for your Mum’s wanderlust

In trends we can 100% get onboard with, more and more jewellers are ensuring they use responsibly sourced materials in creating their treasures. So, with mother’s day just around the corner, we rounded up some of our favourite ethical jewellery companies and the pieces sure to trigger your mum’s wanderlust (she deserves a holiday too!). Plus, it’ll help you become her favourite 😉

Or you could just buy them for yourself… We’re all about some self-love.

Ashepa’s Safar collection

Image Courtesy of Ashepa

We’re obsessed with Singaporean brand Ashepa, an African-Luxury lifestyle brand. The new Safar collection, which you can shop in stores and online, is all about the African ecosystem and we’re loving its bold and sophisticated style.

Each piece is handmade by artisans all over Africa and aims to help bring their families out of poverty. Ashepa also partners with community-based initiatives like the Girls Centre of Kenya which empowers young women to be responsible and self-sufficient.

Gorgeous and with tons of soul!

Safar Jewellery


Zefyr Jewels’ Monsoon collection

Image: Zefyr Jewellery

Sydney-based sustainable label, Zefyr was born from a love of travel and beauty, and a desire to make a difference (both things we can get behind!). The Monsoon collection, which was inspired by the textiles of the Hmong tribes of northern Laos is completely stunning with its bold geometric patterns.

All of Zefyr’s jewellery is handmade from upcycled sterling silver and brass, and hand cut by artisans in Jaipur.


Little by Little’s The Seville collection

We want everything in this collection by Little by Little, which was inspired by the oranges of Seville. So, technically Little by Little is inspired by food. However, considering so much of our travels is because of food, we’re counting it.

The company is striving for closed-loop production and uses recycled Peruvian silver. Even better, Little by Little on a mission to make the brand zero waste, repairing all damages. They’re also a partner of Action Against Hunger which works to support malnourished children in 50 countries.

Little by Little Seville


Danica Moorcroft’s On The Rocks collection

Image from Danica Moorcroft Instagram

Giving us serious beach vibes and inspired by the Australian coastline, On The Rocks is all about melding coral textures with classic shapes. We’re obsessed with the intricate texture of the handcrafted earrings and pendants.

All the materials are ethically sourced, so you won’t be hurting any actual coral by loving (and owning) these pieces.

Danica Moorcroft


Where will your mum (you) be wearing these gems?

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